Oh, seductive sun…

I have a friend here in this city who works at Metservice – in weather forecasting. I really used to think he was crazy. I also thought weather horribly boring.

I realised over the last few days though, how much I admire the unruliness of the weather in this city after all. Wellington is CRAZY. It does what it likes, and bows to no one. The wind is unthinkably horrid, like a thousand kids stamping their feet in a department store, like a witch cackling to herself in a castle, casting spells to make you cry! The rain… well, it’s just water, but together with the WIND it tears your umbrella into pieces (seriously). The sun… ahh, the sun is seductive, bouncing off the shimmering waters, clinging to your skin like a ecstatic perfume… It makes this place unbelievably beautiful…… I really think the sun here feels like the caress of a lover – where else would you go? Why wouldn’t you love me? You love me. (Yes I do, I respond).

So it was a beautiful day today, and I spent some hours with the lovely Claire in the gardens, wandering through colourful stores, and gulping down gelato at the beach (gulping because the sun and wind were melting it pretty fast). Last day of freedom today, before work re-starts tomorrow.

Lunch. Now, lunch was a special affair. We bought some funky pasta I can’t wait to cook up, and the Italian man behind the counter invited us to sit! Relax! So we did, and shared some focaccia between us – a dance of buffalo mozzarella, cured ham, tomato, basil – what is it? Just a sandwich? Really? It tasted more like magic…

Now for a barbeque – suppose we need to start cookin’!


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