Joe’s Garage

You can’t accomplish anything worthwhile if you inhibit yourself. If life teaches you nothing else, know this for sure: When you get the chance, go for it.
~ Oprah Winfrey

Seven years I’ve lived in this country and it is still full of surprises. Such as: a group of men dressed in white, clustered outside the city gallery singing jolly a song about waking up to coffee, waking up to tea… hmmm! We walked past them and it was a nice start to the afternoon…

3pm came around and it was time for a late, lazy 3.5 hour weekend lunch with Nish at Joe’s Garage.

A funky, vaguely American-feeling (to me) place which gives you the choice of sitting at a normal table or at a big common bench in the middle – (a potential spot for when you want to go poem-scribbling or newspaper-reading in a cafe by yourself?). A trim flat white, ‘killer smoothie’ (composed of plums, banana, milk & honey, yoghurt), ‘sweetie with brat’ (bratwurst and egg in a Joe’s roll) set me back by $21.30 – not so cheap, but the food was exactly what I wanted:

a smooth, strong, sweet and complex coffee (key),
a summery smoothie (better than sunscreen),
something akin to picnic food – something better than a hot dog – and complemented with hollandaise and chutney.

Today has been a very good Saturday. Spending time with friends, inspiration, quality conversations, and making memories are four of the very best things about living.

More healing than you can imagine.

Time for some wind-down time and then bed (2.19am on Sunday morning already… eeks!!)

Joe’s Garage – 5 Tory Street, Wellington – Phone: 802 5310


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