Pasta, cake and haunting dummies

After dinner sit a while, and after supper walk a mile.
~ English saying

I’ve just gotten a bit of a shock looking at how much of my salary this fortnight has gone to… I’m almost embarrassed to say it… well, eating. Eating out, to be exact.

Is it possible that I’ve spent more than half a hundred dollars in two days on food for myself???! Bloody hell! I shall have to be alot more stringent in the coming week.

$ / guilt-on-being-frivolous aside though, I DID have jolly good company each time I ate out. Last night I had Nish for dinner and a philosophical/humorous chat on a bench in the middle of nowhere, and tonight Jono, Char, Tim, Chris, Claire and me went down to Roxy Cafe for a nice Saturday evening dinner. Lovely Roxy Cafe, with friendly smiling staff (this makes all the difference) and a cosy woody bricky warm candlelightey kind of interior. I don’t quite know how to describe it, but in between food, friends and my surroundings I felt a little like I was placing my belly in the middle of a plump fluffy rainbow cloud. And as you can imagine, all I could really do was close my eyes and smile… in between conversation, of course…

Forgive the poor flash settings on my camera, but this is a (poor) representation of my meal tonight: tagliatelle with goat cheese feta, capers, semi-dried tomatoes, spinach, basil pesto and a soft-poached egg ($18). Poached egg on pasta! Wow, I’ve come across poached eggs on instant noodles before, but not on pasta… pretty good though. And pasta and vegetables always make for a comforting meal anyway.

Coffee and cake afterwards was not such a wise idea for our tummies; ’twas fun though to sit in the funky Espressoholic.

Yes, more food. What is Wellington trying to do, turn us all into gluttons?

Can I really blame Wellington for what is my own obvious gluttonous tendencies? Sigh.

A walk was well and truly needed afterwards – and tonight we had dummies for company. Wellington is decked out with startling dummy displays this week with ‘Revolt of the Mannequins’. Some interesting displays, like one of a lady mannequin with a hole in her head (shot by a not-so-hidden murderer mannequin next to her). Hmmm, I suppose it was meant to be arty… At one shopfront a display was in the midst of being changed by a keen team as we walked past, and a queer disturbance arose in my stomach unexpectedly – the sight of real people next to mannequins under dim lighting appeared somehow haunting. I still can’t figure out what it was exactly that my subconscious mind was wildly flailing its arms over – ah, the downsides of having an overactive imagination!

Anyway, this is one of tonight’s displays, tagged ‘Eat your soup grow tall’:

Rasa – 200 Cuba Street, Wellington, Phone: 04 384 7088

Roxy Cafe – 203-205 Cuba Street,
Wellington, Phone: 04 890 3939


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