Saturday I fed my soul

Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.
~ Wassily Kandinsky

The silent stories of the mannequins continue to unfold in Wellington CBD (for more info, click here). This was the kitchen display today at Kirkcaldie’s – it’s a little hard to appreciate in a photo, especially with the reflection in the glass, but I managed to snap a quick shot of it…

The mannequins are really something else. They are still, so still; they have no darting eyes or beating heart – but are they alive? Yes, I would say so. They spoke, cried, bantered, died in all their lifelessness. They oozed of life in their stillness. Life with our dreams, nightmares and realities. ‘Revolt of the Mannequins’ jolted my heart because it displayed to me scenes of a story, a dream, a nightmare, an anguish, a death, a growing, an innocent change… life, you know?? That is what I think I relate to in this exhibition.

Art is like a series of mighty waves, inviting you to take a deep breath and allow yourself to be swept away to somewhere unexpected. Art is an invitation to engage, to pull out many things from the recesses of your mind and soul… to feel what the artist is feeling, to think what the artist is thinking, to process it with the person that you are… to be horrified, entranced, loved, touched, upset… it is such a rich world.

My flattie Jono and I also went to check out Janet Cardiff’s Forty-Part Motet at City Gallery, the Renaissance magic filled the room even through the speakers… I felt buoyant listening to the beautiful, tender singing… the other people in the room closed their eyes; stood with thoughtful expressions; smiled. I looked at the little girl in a tutu, clutching her mother’s hand.

We also stopped by to view Paul Forrest’s exhibition ‘The Godwits’ at Michael Fowler Centre – and had the great pleasure of meeting the talented man himself and having a short chat about art and his paintings. In the first few seconds of talking with him, I felt a tangible ‘force of nature’ presence in this artist. Someone who moves mountains without saying a word; someone with his feet on the ground and heart in the heavens. And his art? My body melted away as my eyes travelled along the lines, space, dimensions – following the figures and illuminations, tracing invisible milky ways and paths…

Image © Paul Forrest

Brunch at Ernesto: well-poached eggs and grilled ham on fresh English Muffins + a very good cup of decaf for me, and a big breakfast + cappuccino for Jono.

Dinner at White House: grilled venison, truffled parsnip, puy lentils and game pie for me, and steak with Cafe de Paris butter, pomme neuf, cipolline onions for Nish. Superb in taste, texture, presentation – but not so good in ambience. Nish and I sat very upright with our napkins on our laps……

It’s so lovely, fine dining, but it’s so much more important to have fun while you are at it too. Hard balance to achieve though in some places! ;-)

PS. Who charges $6.50 for orange juice?!?! White House does. A little shocking when I saw this on the bill after dinner!

Dessert at Black Olive in Petone: chocolate mocha cake for me, and chocolate torte for Nish – and the lovely owner there gave us Turkish Delight and Strawberry Daiquiri on the house… after which we sang away in the car all the way back to town.

If I could give something away everyday without obstacle, to every person I met on the street, it would be a feeling of sweet fullness in their hearts and tummies.

Ernesto – 132 Cuba Street, Wellington – Phone: 04 801 6878

The White House Restaurant – 232 Oriental Parade, Oriental Bay, Wellington – Phone: 04 385 8555

Black Olive Restaurant – 91 Jackson Street, Petone, Lower Hutt – Phone: 04 589 8894


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