Matakana the Marvellous

I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each…
~ T. S. Eliot

It is such an unbelievably good feeling, closing your eyes and facing the sun, making the sand your dwelling place for a few hours. Teasing your toes with water. Gazing at a moving portrait of twinkling blue and gold… feeling something strong and beautiful trickle slowly into your soul, like rich hot chocolate into a waiting cup.

I feel so lucky whenever I get to spend a few hours lying on a beach, mind free of worries, heart present only in my immediate surroundings and the warming presence of my friends.

I flew up to Auckland this weekend for some much-needed R & R with family and friends! Saturday saw Tim, Ian, Mandy and me driving up to Warkworth/Matakana, guided only by the bumpy charm of gravel roads and powerful lure of golden sun.

Matakana is the unassuming home of seriously good ice cream. Really really. Blue does these fantastic blends where you can order smooth organic vanilla ice cream or frozen yoghurt and have it blended on site with real toasted almonds and honey (pictured above), or blueberries, banana, strawberries… I tell you, ice cream doesn’t get much better than this…

That’s not all that makes Matakana cool. Check out their public loos…

We were too late for the market, but I’ve been here before and they have some quality produce and friendly faces… will definitely have to visit again!

Before we left, I had fun duck-watching for a few minutes…

Oh, and before I forget… Urban Cafe in Newmarket, Auckland serves perfect poached eggs… what a treat! Ian took me here for a jolly good breakfast and catch-up :-)


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