Sandwich of your dreams

Too few people understand a really good sandwich.
~ James Beard

Jono, Char, Matt and me ate sandwiches for lunch today. These weren’t your average ham and cheese sandwiches though……

These were voluminous, dripping, wholesome, hearty, delicious, fork-and-knife-or-burger-grip-required layers of whoomph!

Here’s how you can replicate our juicy lunch affair:

    2 flat breads, halved horizontally
    Cream cheese
    Spicy chutney
    A handful of crisp lettuce leaves, washed
    6 eggs
    2 avocados, sliced
    1 red capsicum, sliced
    4 bananas, halved vertically
    350g bacon
    Grill bread halves on the barbeque. Spread a layer of cream cheese and chutney on them.
    On the barbeque, fry the eggs to runny-yolk-and-cooked-white-perfection and the bacon till it’s nice and crispy.
    Stack the lettuce leaves, capsicum slices, avocado slices, eggs, banana slices and bacon in layers on both bread ‘bottoms’, add desired salt and pepper, then put their ‘tops’ on. Do not worry if the egg yolks break, it’s so delicious when they do…
    Cut big sandwiches into halves – and you should have 4 nice hearty lunches, each sufficient even for a hungry 20-something boy. Serve with orange juice and earl grey tea (optional), in the style of continental breakfasts. Eat with fork and knife if you need to (I did). Tuck in!
    Serves 4.
    * If you don’t want to use the barbeque, fry the eggs and bananas in non-stick pans on the stove, and use the grill function in the oven for grilling bread and bacon.

Thanks Matt for cooking, Char for easter eggs, Jono for tea-making and table-setting!

After we worked our way through these (for yes, they required tedious happy chewing – not just eating!), we went for a quick shopping trip before climbing up to the top of Mt Victoria and back down again. Pretty views, the motion of walking (or moving one’s body really!) and the smell of fresh pine are always well worth the asthma-inducing efforts involved in climbing.

Went to Claire & Kristina’s birthday dinner party tonight, where we had Turkish food and enjoyed a belly dancing performance.

A full Saturday thus concluded, it is time for bed. Goodnight!


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