[Of lamingtons] “…those bloody poofy woolly biscuits.”
~ Lord Lamington

Photo from here, generated by Google Images.

Today, my colleague bought a big pink lamington from the supermarket and shared half with me. Another induction into one of New Zealand’s (or some argue, Australia’s) iconic foods! So there we stood, next to our computers, eating our lamington halves of coconut-coated sponge, jam & cream with teaspoons… chatting about food, culture, and how much cream we like on our cakes… it took all of 15 minutes, but it was delightful.

Lamingtons on Wikipedia


3 responses to “Lamington

  1. is this the first time you’ve had a lamington?!

  2. Lamingtons are the best! Nothing says “I’m a New Zealander” more than a workplace keyboard smothered in coconut!

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