Treehousekitchen Giveaway!

Joy is the feeling of grinning inside.
~ Melba Colgrove

Just because I can, I would like to hold my first blog giveaway…

To be in for a chance to win a beautiful copy of “Share, Indulge, Enjoy” (retailing for NZD$39.95), simply leave a comment on this entry by Wednesday 7 July, 7.30pm (NZ time)! Tell me about your favouritest dish in the world (real or imagined), or about your nightmare vegetable, or heck just say hello!… in as little or as many words as you wish.

This is open to all New Zealand and non-New Zealand residents, and it doesn’t matter whether I know you in person, or if you have commented before on this site. The draw will take place on Wednesday 7 July, 8.00pm (NZ time), the winner will be selected at random. I will contact him/her by e-mail to discuss postage (so please leave a valid e-mail address!), and announce the result soon after.

Have a great weekend!

Note: this is not a sponsored prize.


13 responses to “Treehousekitchen Giveaway!

  1. Hi mel, great blog!! You’re a good writer.

    My favourite dish… hmm that is hard. But for the moment one of mine is the local from Joe’s Garage- good classic breakfast that makes your boyfriend jealous when you savour every bit of it. Especially a bratwurst sausage.

  2. Victoria Lester

    My favorite dish is my mom’s homemade potato salad.

  3. My Favourite Dish Ever probably remains the katsudon I had at a little mom-and-pop restaurant in Japan when I was 16 and an exchange student there. Oh my god, it was good. I hadn’t tasted anything so amazing in my life before (this was back when I was a picky eater, and not into food at all) – the breaded pork cutlet was juicy and crispy and had soaked up just enough flavour from the just-set egg/onion/soy sauce mixture that surrounded it and trickled down into the hot rice it rested on. I actually nearly cried when I had my first bite. I’m pretty sure this is the dish that started my love affair with good food. I wish I remembered the name of the restaurant (or even where it was!) and could go back there. Ah, this is making me all nostalgic :)

  4. Hi Mel! I’m just commenting to say hello! Lol but you don’t have to include me in the draw :)

  5. Hey Mel (i’m refraining from calling you by your pet name on your blog! ;) )

    Man…i admit that I haven’t read your blog in awhile…but boy…i do like what i see!!! time to bloglines this i think!

    Favourite dish…boy that’s hard! I have so many! I really can’t decide. But any Msian/Sarawakian local dishes will top the list i think!

    ps: don’t have to put me into the draw either. just wanted to join the fun! Whee!

  6. Louise Poynton

    Roast potatoes!!!

  7. Hello! I’ve just found your link for Jain block.
    My favourite dish is always my mom’s stir fried spicy chicken with basil over the steamy hot rice.
    Have a nice Day :)

  8. Heyya Mel!
    My favourite dish would probably have to be creamy pesto linguine pasta with mushrooms and bacon – I had it up in Northland last year. YUM!

  9. That question is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaally hard – but I’m definitely a sweet tooth so would have to choose some sort of magnificent chocolate dessert, like the amazing Valhrona fritters that used to be on the menu at Pikopiko in Christchurch. That said, in this awful Welly weather a creamy, rich pasta dish or a nice cut of venison with plenty of jus and a flavoured mash would be pretty satisfying.

    Oh, now I’m getting really hungry! ;-)

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  11. Wow that was a feast right here in the comments section! Thank you everyone – it made for delicious reading indeed, and a fun draw!

    Winner: Beens from

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