Midnight Espresso does these funky tofu burgers…

Midnight Espresso – 178 Cuba Street, Wellington – Phone: 04 384 7014


2 responses to “Tofutastic

  1. Wow! Funky indeed! I’ve never had a tofu burger from Midnight (though plenty of their other food is scrumptious)… how was it?

    • I think Midnight has a great way of putting passion & spontaneity into their food – I’ve had the tofu burger twice, and both times it has differed slightly (inspiration on the night, perhaps?) but both times it made for a jolly good post-work dinner! Pan-fried firm tofu with crunchy capsicum and other assorted greens, with a comforting, all-encompassing bun.

      I never was one for tofu burgers, but I think I may start eating them more often now.

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