Corrine’s Lamb with Spring Onion, Ginger & Coriander & Ginger Relish

I am open to everything.
~ Luciano Pavarotti

One of my favourite ways to cook is to do it in stages, letting the flavours mix & mingle, take time to know each other… while I carry on with the rest of my activities, floating in and out of the kitchen periodically to check how it’s doing, progress things when appropriate, and let it draw to completion naturally.

Eg. I love marinading meat overnight, or making pastry in the morning to fill and bake in the evening, or letting things simmer into tenderness while I sit and read a book, go to work, etc.

Tonight’s roast lamb happened this way.

My guests, Mr & Mrs Brown and Sally, did all the things perfect dinner guests do – bring apple crumble and wine, help carve the lamb, smile and thank politely, etc…. ;-) and I was very appreciative – above all, it was great to just sit and chat about all things meaningful or trivial, relax and laugh with them over a meal!

On the menu tonight:

    Garlicky Turkish Bread – those convenient loaves you can get from the supermarket and bake for 6-8 minutes
    Broccoli & carrot roasted with spices & maple syrup – the drizzle of maple syrup was a spontaneous addition, and lent the dish a light, round sweetness
    Potatoes with zest and herbs – chosen as much for convenience as taste: boiled potato quarters tossed with orange zest, olive oil, salt & pepper, rubbed oregano, marjoram & rosemary… easy, quick and tasty
    and from Tessa Kiros’ “Falling Cloudberries”:
    #59 Corinne’s Lamb with Spring Onion, Ginger & Coriander & Ginger Relish – Page 363 – tender, flavoured lamb which was easily sliced, and a relish reminiscent of Thai flavours – with refreshing lime!

Two nights ago, I had sprinkled spices and chopped garlic, swirling it into the thick white yoghurt, watching as the colours interacted to become a colourful cream…

It was a perfect pre-bedtime activity. All I had to do was make a simple yoghurt sauce, pour it over a leg of lamb, hide it in the fridge and go to bed!

Today, when I took the lamb out of the fridge, it smelled comforting and just mmmm!

I burnt my fingers a few times juggling hot plates and trays… I also scarred my oven with lamb dripping, nearly broke the sieve, and dipped the oven mitten in sauce. I was slightly amused by it all, but I did not have the mood or time to take photos during the cooking process!

By the time my friends arrived, I was afraid of touching any plates without the protection of at least two intermediary tea towels, but all went well from there. Introductions between them done, we all sat down and got down to some important business – eating and connecting!

The lamb had a deep brown crust and was soft and flavoured within. The yoghurt sauce and oven had worked their magic!

The Browns made some amazing crumble! Sticky, sweet and delicious. We devoured it with a generous scoop of ice cream on top.

PS. This video is just the cutest!! :-)


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