The wonderful world of rain

Short post tonight, since it’s really way way past my bedtime.

1. Thunderstorms, rain and wacky hail are so fantastic (when you are watching them crash and pour from within a warm room)… I LOVED watching it this evening and was much excited about it… poor Jono had to sit through my excitement :-)

2. Caramelised leek rings, fried flour-dipped monkfish, grainy bread, salt, pepper, lemon zest and juice make for a pretty good 4pm lunch.



3 responses to “The wonderful world of rain

  1. I loved the sudden drama of it too – from a warm room, of course! Our grass looked as if it had snowed. But I feel incredibly sorry for the people of Christchurch, as if they hadn’t been through enough, they now have heavy rain and strong wind predicted.

    • Yes I know, waking up to texts from friends letting me know about the quake was a little alarming! Very glad that it affected mostly buildings rather than people though!!

  2. I’ve also recorded this hail storm that struck last Friday. Amazing ! Our deck was fully white and looked like snow. Part of the hail did not melt before the day after.
    Reading your last posts I see you made your way to Chch luckily before the quake !

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