Dear Cheesecake Brownie,

I know pleasure should be derived as much from the journey as from the destination – but I cannot hide my disappointment. See, I’d love to say I am wholly pleased with how you turned out, but the truth is… I am not (even though I do accept all the blame in this instance).

I am sorry that I swirled you so much with a rough wooden spoon instead of a sleek dull knife or dainty spatula… how I regretted it the moment your surface turned into a slushy brown! It took just a few seconds to ruin your face. I wanted to turn back time and swirl you again, carefully this time…

When I took you out from the oven, it was with a mildly heavy heart that I did so:

I mean… you could have looked like this instead! If only I had been more careful. (last image (c) David Lebovitz, recipe here)

You do, however, still taste quite nice ;-)



10 responses to “Unswirly

  1. Cream cheese brownies???

    Surely even a disappointing brownie can be saved…just heat em up, pour over some ganache or something…? Looks delicious, anyway :)

  2. They look like mooncake brownies!

  3. Love the letter to the brownie. Sorry they didn’t look quite right but I’m sure they tasted yummy!

  4. mmmm…brownieeee!!!! i’m sure it’ll still taste good!!

  5. They’re still good! they’re still good! although those david lebovitz ones sure do look appealing. I’m sure yours were still delicious.

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  7. How frustrating, though I’m sure it was no hardship to eat them ;P I made cheesecake brownies a while back and increased the quantity of cheesecake to brownie ratio – if you make them again, try it, it’s a winner!

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