Already, I miss Spanish hot chocolate

I wasn’t going to do the hot chocolate & churros thing, because it seemed so… well, Spanish and touristy or something silly like that. I really regret that I only ordered this once throughout my entire trip in Spain!! If you go to Spain, don’t be silly like me. Please.

Sit inside a warm cafe, take off your gloves, close your eyes and just melt into this.

I’ll talk about the sangria later (amongst other things).

In London now… froze my neck off on the ol’ double-decker bus today. On the up side, I got to meet a host of great people and visit the acclaimed (for good reason) V & A Museum. Met up with Nish today, hooray! Dinner tonight was at an Italian trattoria with very good food and wonderful waiters. Met some of Nish’s friends and they made it too easy to laugh and have a good night!

Also, now that I have done my laundry at a laundrette here, bought biscuits at a little supermarket, given someone directions to a nearby place and squished with everyone in the subway multiple times, I can’t say I feel too much like a tourist, considering I’ve just been here for 1.5 days.


2 responses to “Already, I miss Spanish hot chocolate

  1. I love London and have spent some of my happiest days there, but churros and hot chocolate? I hope I never have to choose between the two!

    If you are interested in historical people, visit Highgate Cemetary. It sounds morbid, but it’s really very fascinating. There is a charge for the bit with the really famous people, but the rest is free and makes for an interesting walk. Take your camera, of course. Wait…also Thornton’s truffles! You will never leave England after that!

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