Dinner with Mandy, Paul and Ben

Reality is an acquired taste.
~ Robert Fritz

On the menu last night: champagne risotto, pan fried baha with lemon and herbs, and vegetables.

Mandy made a mini hill of sliced capsicum and mushrooms, and we cooked these with garlic, onions and olive oil. I loved how bright and happy the vegetables looked on the chopping board!

Tessa Kiros’s champagne risotto sadly fell under the category of ‘acquired taste’ for Mandy, Ben and Paul – oops! – personally though, I still see potential in the pure, arresting taste of champagne-treated arborio rice mingled with the comforting qualities of shallots, parmesan and butter – and think a small serving of this works well as a prelude to seafood :-)

We used baha fish last night – first time I’ve come across this white fish. It was fresh and light in flavour and cheap at the supermarket – a nice bonus! I just heated a knob of butter in the pan and pan fried the fillets with dried tarragon, thyme, salt and pepper… finishing them with a squeeze of lemon at the end. Simple.


4 responses to “Dinner with Mandy, Paul and Ben

  1. Nothing like fresh, simply prepared fish (and delicious accompaniments) for a summer evening’s meal. Also – the champagne risotto – could you taste the difference from, say, using white wine in risotto? I’m intrigued…

  2. Champagne risotto? Thats incredible!

  3. Millie – definitely, it’s much sharper, more pronounced and different – I can send you the recipe if you like :-)

    Jill – hehe. It incorporates more than 2 cups of champagne for 2 cups of arborio rice and is really different!

  4. ooh yes I would love the recipe! Must try. BTW I need to blog something using your saffron soon! Will let you know. :)

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