Oh world, what is going on with you?

That to save our fish, waters and ourselves, there are plans for fishermen to not just be catchers of fish, but of trash too; and while no one really minds what you eat for breakfast at home, surely it is kind of sad that TV One should have featured a bun-less burger scoffing on Breakfast?

In brighter news, World Fair Trade Day is tomorrow… and Tadesse Meskela from “Black Gold” is gracing Auckland and Wellington with his presence soon. Support! :-)


2 responses to “World.

  1. Unfortunately, I’m a HUGE fan of the bunless burger. I’m actually gutted that I’m missing out. +( Disgusting, I know, but at present, I don’t really think I’m caring about what I do to my heart, with char kway teow and all!
    More posts, please! Schank you. +P

  2. The bunless burger in America started even before the Atkins and all that was the rage. Place out West called In-N Out has a secret menu. One of their burgers is called the caveman, wrapped in lettuce. I like mine “animal-style” which is a different beast, but has a bun.

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