It’s nice to see you again, Gas Stove.

Veni, Vidi, Vici [I came, I saw, I conquered]
~ Julius Caesar

I’m a happy girl this weekend – moved into F’s home, and it’s superb to have F & J as flatmates (though I am also glad my previous flatties and I have already made plans to meet up soon – tomorrow, actually!)… also, the other WONDERFUL thing about moving here is having a Gas Stove again. I fear that I have an abnormally strong attraction to gas stoves. They just look so handsome to me……

Made florentines this evening to celebrate – can’t wait for tomorrow evening, because then I can try this red cabbage/pork dish thing atop a dancing flame (instead of an annoying red circle) for F’s, J’s and my dinner…… ahh! I really can’t wait! Right, time to go to sleep, good night moon.


5 responses to “It’s nice to see you again, Gas Stove.

  1. The one thing I hate about the house I’m in is the lack of a gas stove! My wife wants new counters and cabinets and I was trying to convince her running a gas line wouldn’t add to the cost too much.:)

  2. The one and only way to cook food properly, methinks!

  3. Lucky F and J! I want florentines ;)

  4. Haha, I’m interested to know how often you were made to clean gas stoves!

    Those florentines look excellent – not too much dried fruit!

  5. Rufus – I hope your wife comes around to the idea, gas stoves definitely trump counters and cabinets in my view ;-)

    Paul – you think? :P

    Mandy – you know what you need to do…

    Zo – Lol, I clean mine quite happily every day – it seriously beats cleaning the electric stove which I eye with disdain :-)

    Yep no dried fruit in these – just sliced almonds, orange zest, icing sugar, egg white and a chocolate base!

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