I am now too sleepy to think of a fun title.

…the cabbage is woefully misunderstood.
~ Molly Wizenberg

Pork marinaded in an impromptu coat of thyme, mustard, fresh garlic, soy sauce, salt, pepper. Seared so it was brown and barbequed in appearance, then cooked on lower heat till tender in the middle.

Red cabbage braised with granny smith apple matchsticks, apple cider vinegar, honey and fennel seeds, inspired by Molly Wizenberg. I wasn’t initially taken by the idea of preparing a cabbage dish, much less serving it to my new flatmates… but. you know, I might just make this again. It’s sweet and tender and juicy and faintly, whisperingly crunchy… and it’s gently spiced with an aroma and taste of something I can only describe as reminiscent of herbs and licorice (from the fennel seeds) – which sounds like a candy flavour Willy Wonka would invent to punish naughty children with, but is actually really comforting and flavourful.

Sliced bosc pears, fried on high heat with pumpkin seeds and pine nuts, sugar, water, and drizzled with lemon juice right at the end. Fun times.

White rice. So simple with a rice cooker… I’d forgotten just how easy.

And that was all plated and named “dinner”, an experiment which took but an hour to prepare and which F & J gamely ate.


3 responses to “I am now too sleepy to think of a fun title.

  1. Mmmmmm. The rice being served like that is totally Asian. And just quickly glancing at the picture reminds me of “mixed” rice. +)

    • Chap chye :-) Oh, we had a discussion about the science of ordering chap chye tonight – will have to tell you about it next time we speak!

  2. Those pictures are just wonderful. I love red cabbage and everything else on that plate!

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