Fuss-free fettuccine

    Fuss-free fettuccine
    1 bowl cooked fettuccine, cooked until al dente
    1/4 lemon
    Flakes of parmesan cheese
    Dribble of olive oil
    A pat of butter (optional)
    Dried basil (optional)
    1 egg (optional)
    Black pepper
    Over a bowl of warm fettuccine, dribble a swirl of olive oil, add in the butter if using, and give it a quick toss.
    Add in the parmesan flakes. Squeeze the lemon wedge over the pasta, rub some dried basil between your fingers over it, season with salt and pepper to taste. Toss again.
    Gently poach an egg just the way you like it (I like mine with a firm white and runny yolk, though I am no expert egg-poacher so I just have to eat what I come up with) and place it on top of the pasta.
    Serve immediately. Instant gratification in a bowl.

One response to “Fuss-free fettuccine

  1. Great idea. We always have leftovers.

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