Auckland: Winter Day #5

Sometimes I forget that I live in one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen, in books or in real life.

Guess it’s those Auckland CBD buildings that make me suffer temporary memory loss in this regard ;-)

Anyway, Mr Golden Sun made an extended guest appearance this past Sunday (no complaints from me!) – and Gudrun and I joined a group of other lucky ducks on a harbour cruise. Such an irresistible combination is strong sun + big breeze + sparkling water.

We got to stop at Rangitoto Island (pictured above) for a few minutes… it was lovely to watch the different shades of blue flickering like mermaids’ tails in the moving waters, the sunlight shining through the impromptu tree stencils, the cute cabin houses… oh, and don’t you think Rangitoto looks like a thin pancake man stretching out to take a nap while an imp stealthily rises up in the middle of his belly?

We also got to watch a brave boy do a bungy jump – don’t think I’ll ever convince my brain to let me do it.

Great afternoon getting to know Gudrun better, seeing a previously unexplored part of Auckland and just having a time of total relaxation.

I don’t think we could ever hope to be bored if we just kept exploring. There are always so many things to see and hear and listen and touch and feel and think about!


One response to “Auckland: Winter Day #5

  1. Beautiful pictures. My wife and I really hope to visit NZ one day.

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