Happy birthday Fran

I wish you many more wondrous birthdays to come. :-)

So John and I had fun cooking Fran some dinner! We assembled:

Oysters – from Clevedon; Jumbo sized of course! Sprinkled with lemon sunshine

Bacon-wrapped scallops, baked in an impromptu marinade of teriyaki, olive oil, parsley, sugar and soy – served alongside an extra garlicky-teriyaki dressing (for some oomph)

Good, honest eye fillet steak – Worcestershire, salt, pepper

Sliced button mushrooms, cooked in yummy sauce

Oyster omelette

This evening, we went out to dinner too, and dessert – but that is a story for another time, because right now it is time for a bit more reading, then bed. Good night!


3 responses to “Happy birthday Fran

  1. What an incredible birthday meal!

  2. You had me at jumbo oysters. I miss those clevedon oysters So. Much. I actually think that meal you made would be me deathrow meal – steak, scallops, oysters…heaven!!! What an awesome bday prez!!!

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