Royal food for lazy folk #1

I am simple, complex, generous, selfish, unattractive, beautiful, lazy, and driven.
~ Author unknown

I was lazy tonight.

It would have taken just a few more minutes, and just another pan or two.

But I didn’t want to!

Didn’t want to fry garlic in a skillet, or cut the tails off the beans, or toast the bread, or crumble the feta nicely, or make a perfect whirlpool for my egg.

I thought about doing all those things.

But one word snatched away all good intentions. And that word (or sound, or whatever it is) was: naaaaaaaaaa.

What you do if you’re lazy like me – preheat the oven to 200°C. Get an oven-proof dish of some kind, carelessly throw in some chopped garlic + oil + washed green beans (tails intact) + tinned tomatoes + cinnamon + salt, give it a stir and bake it all up for around 15 minutes. Then poach an egg in salted water, slice some bread, crumble a sliver of feta and eat it all together.

What you do if you’re wiser than me – do the above, but don’t cut corners. “De-tail” and briefly blanch those beans. Fry the garlic, so it doesn’t taste raw and startling in your mouth. Toast your bread. Above all, make a salted whirlpool for your poor poached egg and rescue it the moment it’s ready!

Whatever you do, lazy or not, have yourself a lovely dinner.


7 responses to “Royal food for lazy folk #1

  1. Wait is de-tailing the removal of the stalk bit or the curvy bit at the bottom of the bean? If it’s the latter I’ve never really bothered. Yay for laziness!

    Also, I don’t think you can call yourself lazy if you poached your egg! Hehe…I just soft boil mine in a kettle. Now that’s lazy :P

    • I may have used a non-existent word in that line… hehe. But yes, that is what I meant. Oh I thought everyone else cut the curvy bits off!

      And hmm, maybe we can say it’s all *efficient* rather than lazy ;-)

  2. LOL! This cracked me up Mel! I love it. I have so many nights where I just think “nah” and usually end up with a bowl of cereal. ;) At least you put actual ingredients together. I like the cinnamon in the mix too.

    • Hehe ,cereal is good too. I used to do that, but nowadays I like having something warm! And cinnamon = magic stuff, I think I could have it on anything!

  3. Oh i understand lazy! really i do! c

  4. If this is lazy, I never want to be productive!

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