Royal food for lazy folk #2

Cheese – milk’s leap toward immortality.
~ Clifton Fadiman

It resembled a generous slice of magic swirling dessert set to gather smiles from the Tooth Fairy…

It brought to mind a curious word I seldom think about…

It was better than dessert and the consideration of calories…

It was a jolly good Sunday lunch.

What you do – you slice some of your favourite bread (I used sourdough), lay it flat and add the layers:


…and if you are lucky like me and have a beautiful friend who makes you fig and walnut salami, you can add a little of that on too.

Sweet like a cherry on a cupcake.

* This triple brie with black truffle sandwiched in the middle is made by Over the Moon Dairy Company and is as amazing as it sounds :-) I picked up my wedge from a nice gentleman Roland at Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market on Sunday.

** I received a goodie bag on Sunday which included this jar of Northern Rata honey from J. Friend and Co… I very much enjoyed its delicate/earthy flavour and elegant texture, and look forward to experimenting more with it!


18 responses to “Royal food for lazy folk #2

  1. Bunny Eats Design

    I love the first cheese quote! And I totally have those pesky calories. The black truffle brie looks fabulous.

  2. So that’s what’s been happening to my clothes! ;) I should give brie another go. I tried it once and really disliked it, but that was a long time ago when I still put ketchup on everything!

  3. Genie – le sigh, calories!! But better to have calories + be happy than the other way round, I think ;-)

    Kristy – :-) Sneaky elves, those calories! It’s funny, I don’t tend to like brie much either – but this one is just heavenly!

    Greg – mean, mean calories.

  4. Wow, that cheese looks so amazing! Loving that quote too :)

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  6. Yum! Also, I love the packaging of J Friend & Co honey. x

  7. Mmmh! I love Over the Moon cheeses, and I will try that honey soon :-)


    if you don’t mind I’ll pt you in my Kiwi blogroll list :-)

  8. I clicked through and saw the cheese and thought oh my god, she MADE that! hehehe, not so, but a fine lunch, nonetheless!

  9. Best lunch ever. I love that Over the Moon stuff and black truffle brie is one of the greatest discoveries ever. Meant to be together!

  10. I’m a huge fan of fresh, slightly crumbly white cheeses– a farmer’s cheese in the US– on crackers with a sprinkle of black pepper and dark honey. A sure hit for almost everyone (minus the pepper haters).

    If you don’t happen to have any black truffle brie handy…

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