Midnight daze – part two

I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month.
~ Harlan Miller

In a few hours’ time, I will probably wish I had just yanked my bottom off the chair, pushed myself into the shower and then into bed before 3am so that I could be at work with a fully awake mind and nice big eyes. However, for now, I am still feeling way too full to contemplate lying down.

Anyway. This is a food-focused (mostly) blog, so you probably don’t want to hear me whinging on about being way too full and all that.

(Although the truth is… that humans who like food and blog about food get way too full sometimes too, just like normal humans. True story.)

Anyway, we strolled down to Wynyard Quarter today and my camera asked to be let out of my handbag.

He asked nicely, so I agreed.

So here are a few pictures hurriedly snapped as we were en route to dinner tonight, and on my post-dinner walk with G. I have this habit of walking when I’m taking photos (especially since I start lagging behind everyone else otherwise, and I am not gifted at direction so then I get lost which is not so cool), so forgive me for the ones that aren’t centered… or whatever the right word for imperfect photos is.

I thought tonight about how lucky we are to live in New Zealand.

And how lucky I am to have been born the person I am, in the country that I was, and to live and travel in the places that I have. And etc etc. It’s so easy to complain, and I’m so guilty of doing this… but it’s so good to have a moment to put things in perspective – and I realise I love a lot about my life and would not change anything in my past. Seriously. Like G said tonight, it’s like we won the lottery with the lives we’ve been given…

We ate at Marvel Grill. Everyone enjoyed their food very much, from what I could see! This is what makes me smile: waiters carrying food out like they are proud to bear those plates, waiters who tell you what sauce goes with what, what they like to eat. Chefs who grill beef with a winning grin. Everyone exclaiming as the food gets put on the table. Momentary silence because all are fully intent on digging in. Conversation which then flows like a river… because that’s what eating lovely food together does – it opens doors, paves the way for talking… really talking (not to be confused with small talk). I REALLY love that. I think that is part of the reason that I love to host dinner parties… part of it is the fun parts of cooking and feeding people, the main thing though is watching how it opens those doors and makes connections, touches something that you can’t see but which resides in hearts. It’s beautiful.

Anyway, I’m bordering on rambling. You were warned, though, right? You are reading the words of a girl who is sleepy and full. With dinner tonight, I broke all the rules, ordering John Dory with a merlot sauce (as opposed to lemon and tarragon butter?) and drinking red wine with my fish. But whatever… the fish was fresh and superb, and as good as it gets if you make the rather weird choice of adding a red wine sauce to it. G’s lamb rump came in a cast iron skillet with sweet, sweet roasted garlic and a rich jus that we dipped our fries into and lapped up like happy cats. Loved the sides of good fries (not to be taken for granted), wilted spinach with red onion and bacon bits, and flat mushrooms with (kikorangi?) blue cheese… and I was content with just visually feasting on the other food on the table.

The night… was gorgeous. I felt like I was on holiday.

And that is all. I am going to go NOW and clean myself and sandwich myself between sheets and attempt to wake up with a working brain. Goodnight, and happy happy Friday!

Marvel Grill – 34-47 Jellicoe Street, North Wharf, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland – Phone: 09 377 8828


8 responses to “Midnight daze – part two

  1. Oh I do hope that you were awake with a good working brain. LOL. After a night like that, I don’t think I could have been. ;) The photos are gorgeous and I love your honesty and perspective as always Mel.

  2. Amazing photos and you know after the last post, seems worth it to be a bit groggy.

    • Hi Greg, yes definitely it was even more stunning in real life – I am just glad I could really enjoy it while I was there (before I got home and the grogginess kicked in for real).

  3. I was down at the Christmas tree last night, lying underneath and looking up at the lights = magical! Made me feel properly like it’s Christmas.

  4. Great pics…love that tree down the viaduct :) And personally I like a little off centre!

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