Magic, fairies and lamb

In order to make art, we must first make an artful life, a life rich enough and diverse enough to give us fuel.
~ Julia Cameron

On Sunday, Tracey and I had brunch at a cafe with a cool blackboard (and food, but that was second to the blackboard that day). Nestled amidst the menu specials were these chalky scribbles: “magic happens” and “fairies do exist”. ‘Cept the letters were flipped horizontally so that you could only read these properly when you gazed into the mirror on the other side of the wall.

And you know what, magic doesn’t just happen in stories, and fairies don’t always look like Tinker Bell. Magic comes in the way of fairy lights in January and vanilla/candy-floss-coloured sunsets, and fairies manifest in the form of amazingamazing friends, bus drivers, baristas (and you lovely readers of course! ;-)).

This week has contained some stressful moments, but it has also certainly involved magic and fairies.

See, today I was at the bus stop and a bus driver with kind eyes stopped his bus (which had “out of service” flashing at the front), asked me where I was going, and took me to town… for free. With the door wide open, so the wind rushed through my hair and the sun fell on my face. He did not know how beautiful he made my morning…

And when I went to buy a cup of coffee this afternoon, the smiling barista asked if I wanted a chocolate fish or marshmallows (as is the case if you happen to get a mocha in New Zealand) – or a chocolate fish and eight marshmallows (not usually the case even in New Zealand)… seriously, EIGHT?! Sweet hmm? (and not just literally).

I could mention a few other things too… but that might take all night, and I unfortunately need to go to bed soon. Something to do with being a responsible working adult and all.

Just quickly before I climb into bed though, I wanted to mention my dinner last night. I was quite pleased with it, firstly because I had it following a good swim and 45-minute walk in summery goodness, secondly because it tasted so good, and thirdly because I was generally happy that I had rediscovered the joys of swimming (or at least, attempting to swim)… the last time I swam, I was 12. Time flies, doesn’t it!

Dinner: I heated some oil in a skillet, threw in some chopped garlic and ginger, seared a few lamb chops, and added in a few prunes and apricots, half a sprig of rosemary from G’s backyard, salt, pepper and a dribble of leftover white wine… and had it with two-week old farmers’ market salad (yes, so good is this market – the greens were still crisp) and a slice of crusty bread. Juicy lamb, gently sticky-sweet prunes and apricots, crisp greens and bread that tasted like a hug… a jolly good meal to end the day with. :-)

Right, good night. May you all have a magical Thursday!


19 responses to “Magic, fairies and lamb

  1. Lovely photos! Never been to New Zealand, so lovely to get a glimpse and such pretty fairy lights too! I totally agree – there is ‘magic’ out there, you just have to be prepared to notice it sometimes! Looked a nice meal with nice a good combination of flavour and hopefully you had a good sleep!

    • Thank you Jane for your sweet comment! I hope you come to visit NZ soon – it’s a beautiful country and I am not just saying that ‘cos I call it one of my homes now!

  2. Yum! Lamb chops! Yum! Fresh(ish) greens! Sounds lovely, and I’m with you – bus driver and barista kindness can totally make your day. I’ve had both lately, too :)

  3. You must have been looking extra cute! =D

    *lurker who loves your words!”

    • Aww Diana, thanks! I don’t know about that but I’ll pretend I looked cute. ;-) Glad you de-lurked, I always love hearing from my lurkers (and in fact am pleased to find out I have any)!

  4. Those lights are just pretty! I love white lights at night. :)

  5. I loved the story of the bus driver, that was like magic, busdrivers are a breed apart but THAT was extraordinary and the air rushing about you.. this was a wonderful image. the food looks great too, maybe he was an angel with a fairy on his shoulder who borrowed a bus, this idea charms me.. Loved your photos today hon..c

  6. I think of all the times that I had to say not to choc fish and marshmallows because I am a veggie, and Italian (a little biscuit or a dark chocolate square please :-). Love the Fairy light pics!


    • You are not missing too much Alessandra! So many beautiful things to eat. And re a biscuit/dark chocolate square… yes I like that! It always seals the tongue after a meal, like a mini goodnight kiss – and the body feels happy.

  7. Beautiful as always, Mellypoos. Always loving the writing


  8. Nice photos Mel! Where is this?

    BTW there’s this awesome bus driver who drives the bus I catch to work in the morning who always greets me with a cheerful “Good morning”. And he always stops in front of my work even though the bus stop is actually a few metres ahead. He always makes me smile and I hope he knows I’m grateful!

    • Mt Eden!

      That is a nice bus driver indeed… seriously they are hard to come by and when I do meet them I am always grateful. You should give your driver a box of cookies… and i should work up the courage to do the same.

  9. Beautiful photos! I love that red siding. OH and the lamb too.

  10. We so rarely eat lamb in America. My mom used to roast a leg of lamb every Easter, but I have honestly never cooked it myself. I really think I must!!

    • I only started eating lamb in New Zealand too, it’s one of the good things that is impossible to not eat here. :-) I hope you give lamb a go sometime though!

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