Wake up and smell the cookies

I love reality. I love the world. I love the smell of it. I love it.
~ Andrea Corr

Bake these soon, won’t you? Preferably in the black of night. With the brightest lights in your kitchen switched on – and no competing smells in your kitchen (i.e. well after dinner time). Eat some* till two in the morning. With company, so the blinding temptation to eat them all doesn’t engulf you and make you very ill indeed.

* Slip the remaining “some” into a container, and leave them in a safe place. Away from prying eyes, teeth and fingers.

Your oven will sing with maternal pride as the little balls of dough stretch and change and become ready for consumption. The cookies will lead you into a happy drunken stupor, as your eyelids take on the world-slicing powers of a kaleidoscope and show you tiny identical wedges of cookiecookiecookie.

Your nose may tell you it never wants to smell anything else ever again.

When at last sleep clutches at your eyelids and happy brain, you will find that you sink into a deep spell of sleep and the richest of dreams…

* And in the way the best dreams go (when you wake and wish it weren’t just a dream), you’ll find a hidden stash of cookies in the morning that smell just like the ones in your dreams. You can still dream your Sunday away.

Thanks Kath for the recipe! :-)

I’m also submitting this entry for Sweet New Zealand, hosted this month by Arfi at HomemadeS by Arfi. Click here to join in the Sweet NZ fun!


9 responses to “Wake up and smell the cookies

  1. gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous and love your photo of the little feet! so good.. c

  2. Those little feet!! Lovely!

  3. Late night cookies are the best. Love how intensely dark and soft these look. Can almost smell the cocoa just looking at them… (maybe it’s wishful thinking)

  4. These sound and look fantastic!! I even think I have all the ingredients…I think I know how I’m spending tomorrow afternoon!! Thanks so much for heading my way…

  5. Awesome looking cookies – I’m off to get some crystallised ginger tomorrow to give these a try – love the combination of chocolate & ginger.

    Sue :-)

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