Monday musings

When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I want to constantly gaze at beauty.

I want to sing Kath’s apricot/nectarine-tart-making praises.

I want to exclaim at how quickly the year is FLYING BY.

I want to say that I like these cookies* very much.

Thank you Mika for sharing your beautiful food and words!

These cookies are a pleasant surprise; I’d venture to say they are the sort of surprise that would delight even people who hate surprises. They made me think of salty popcorn, of Spring, of a cheeky grin… I fed them to Jian, and to people who avoid miso soup at all costs (one person ventured to say miso soup tastes like fatty water)… the cookies received a very friendly reception (even after I told them what was in them; some reached for a second cookie after saying “oh!”).

I quite enjoyed the fact too that no one could guess what was in the cookies – guesses ranged from “butterscotch” to “caramel”… (yes that was my bit of Monday fun, don’t judge me!)

Hope you are all having a great day!

* I used smashed cashews instead of sesame seeds since I had them on hand, but otherwise followed Mika’s recipe (even the “putting the dough in the freezer” – because I wanted to save time – bit). I love the cookies with the cashew nuts – but look forward to trying them with sesame seeds next time!


14 responses to “Monday musings

  1. Yum! These cookies look good and my kids both love cashews! :)

  2. wow that quite from Eleanor popped out at me. Did you know that she slept with one foot out of the bed. (i heard that years ago so don’t quote me until i have double checked) I think she was always ready to make a run for it! fantastic woman.. c

  3. Love the photos….the new art gallery is amazing & I love the red flower installation out the front :)

  4. Agh soo trying these cookies!

    And I, too, shall exclaim at the speed of this year. I think because March is so busy I know it’s going to go even faster…

  5. Yay! Someone made those cookies! I love your twist on them… I like the sound of them with cashews, will have to try your version. Heh, and I love that you made people guess what was in them, too… Thanks for this post, Mel!

  6. The cookies look yummy and the first photo is lovely :-), where is it?

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