Pan to plate in 480 seconds

What kind of scale compares the weight of two beauties, the gravity of duties, or the ground speed of joy? Tell me, what kind of ga[u]ge can quantify elation? What kind of equation could I possibly employ?
~ Ani Difranco

There’s something about home-cooked steak. You know? So quick and so good? Hot pan, big splash of oil, lovely sizzling noise when meat meets pan? Juicy eye fillet, quick shake of salt and pepper, runny yolk, savoury-sweet onion? Loud thoughts of “I am very happy right now” emerging from mind and mouth?



5 responses to “Pan to plate in 480 seconds

  1. Bunny Eats Design

    I love steak. Your plate reminds me of a dainty version of a trucker’s lunch. Maybe a side of thick cut fries would complete the look :)

  2. Mmmmm. I would have cleaned that plate too. :)

  3. This one is good for break fast! WOW! thanks for sharing it!

  4. i love to eat steak and eggs. perfect combination..

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