A chicken deboned

Learning is not a spectator sport.
~ Chickering and Gamson

Tonight, Gudrun taught me how to debone a chicken*.

Blood**, bones and vegetarian thoughts aside, there were moments during which I thought: how wonderful it is to be a woman, to cook from scratch, to laugh and be horrified while learning something new. All feelings I’ve experienced several times before, and never tire of experiencing…

Thoughts on the chicken front: I never understood why people bothered deboning ducks and chickens, but when it emerged from the oven and slicing was so slick and easy – I know I will do it again. Also, I need more practice.

And yes, we had a very fun evening indeed (thank you, Craig and Gudrun)! Dinner was: leek and spinach with mustard and cream, pillow-like mashed potatoes and baked-then-grilled chicken with lemon and garlic. Mmmmm, I wish I could feed you some through your screen now!

Have a beautiful Sunday :-)

* There are useful videos like this which can serve as a guide, but I’d say go with your instincts – feel your way around and aim to get the bones out while trying to keep the chicken in one piece. Also, I found using a small sharp knife easier (but figure out what works best for you).

** I suspect the chicken was more bloody than it should have been because we had to defrost it.

P.S. Don’t forget…


5 responses to “A chicken deboned

  1. That looks fantastic! Teach me…!

  2. Ok and I learnt how to debone a chicken from Carlene before I could show you how to do it! Yes, it’s easier and less bloody with a chicken who was not forcefully dragged out it’s hypernation (and you can actually feel the bones better).
    It was awesome, Mel. Fantastic seasoning and thanks for the lovely evening!

  3. fragementedpieces

    For some reason, whilst reading this post, it reminded me of our Friday conversation evolved around the word “stuff it” :P teehee. Yum! Please can I invite myself over for your second attempt at de-boning?

  4. Jane – haha you don’t need lessons!

    Gudrun – :-P You’re a quick learner and super teacher. Danke!

    Ariel – haha, indeed… no stuffing this time though!

  5. I’ve not been brave enough to do such things…yet! Good job!

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