Back to the sunny island

One must maintain a little bittle of summer, even in the middle of winter.
~ Henry David Thoreau

Life has been pretty busy lately and I’ve scarcely been in the kitchen. Whenever I have, I have either been relying heavily on the oven (looks a sight, but this roast beef was quite delicious, if I do say so myself)…

… or whipping up quick things like this poached salmon omelette and these mushrooms with cream and truffle oil (it took less than half an hour in all to prep and cook for us three). Mopped up the mushroom juices with crusty sourdough… mmm.

And now it is nearly 1.00am and I am in a singlet and shorts, relishing summer and marvelling at the way a plane ride transports you across time and distance to a totally different world in mere hours. How good pilots and planes are! Yes, here I am in Singapore again, low on sleep but not too low mood-wise. For dinner tonight I met Brandon, friend-of-a-friend passing through Singapore, and we feasted on thosai, prata, chicken biryani, peppered chicken (all for SGD$12.50) and ice-cold beer somewhere in Little India, Singapore. We walked down several alleys and streets before we settled on an eating place, so I am afraid I have no idea where exactly this was.

And this is all I’ll write for now, my laptop is gasping through the last bars of its battery life and I’m too lazy to unearth the plug from the depths of my suitcase. Good night (or morning!)


8 responses to “Back to the sunny island

  1. that looks all so yummy! I guess I am getting hungry!

  2. I love that you are getting some summer in the middle of winter. I am in Dunedin so no chance of summer here, BUT last night me and some friends from course had a Midwinter Christmas dinner party, which had the same effect of lifting the spirits. I cooked your chicken, leek and pear salad to bring, but there was lots of other amazing food there…spinach & asparagus & feta quiche, salmon cakes, gluten & dairy free trifle (so delicious), prawn cocktail, and creamy chicken & mushrooms on rice.

  3. You jet setter you! I’m jealous if your too soon fleeing of the country again. I wish I were somewhere warmer. Singapore is on my list of places to visit. I should have visited when I had family there but they’ve moved back to Hong Kong now.

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