Lamb and coffee

I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.
~ Simon and Garfunkel

Glory of the humble steak.

For all its fuss-free ease (under eight minutes from pan to plate), it is one of my favourite experiences. Whisking clean laundry away into the bedroom (to avoid catching smells). Watching tiny showers of oil blitz with the sound of microscopic rockets onto the surface of the gas stove. Feeling fresh Wellington wind whip against my cheek as I stand at the hot stove with the kitchen window wide open. Seeing the meat lose its healthy blush and take on a golden, plate-ready glow. Slicing it, noting its soft seared / brown / pink layers… and just a trickle of juice flowing on to the plate.

Yesterday’s dinner: lamb steak, seared with ground chilli and a flick of oregano – and a fresh cup of black coffee on the side. I don’t want to say it was “magnificent”, since that seems too grand a word to bestow on a rapid dinner that took less than 20 minutes to prepare and eat… but to be honest, that is the word that flashed through my mind as I ate ;-)

And that is all I wanted to write about today. Good morning!


8 responses to “Lamb and coffee

  1. Yum. You should write sonnets for Beef and Lamb NZ.

    • Lol! Thanks for the compliment! Incidentally I did meet someone from there recently, but I don’t know what he would think of this idea ;-)

  2. Melly, where are the pictures??

  3. Hmm, I wouldn’t mind smelling like steak and coffee – all things considered. Might make me hungry all day, though. :-)

  4. Here in America we don’t do lamb very well. I’ve never cooked it myself, though my Mom used to occasionally. Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough!

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