If I only knew what that ‘something’ was

God has all the time in the world.
~ Antoni Gaudí

Medley ingredients:
Roasted kumara with cinnamon and nutmeg.
Leek rings sautéed with butter.
A handful of fresh pomegranate seeds.
Feta cubes.
Baby spinach, gently wilted.
Fresh mint, chopped.
Squeeze of lemon.
Black pepper.

Something was still missing. Or something that shouldn’t have been there was. Anyone know what? Penny for your thoughts…


7 responses to “If I only knew what that ‘something’ was

  1. You are missing ME at your table… thats what you are missing.. have a lovely day! c

  2. Maybe it’s just me….but shouldn’t you be having a big juicy protein portion with that? I mean, it sounds awesome but I’m wondering if its more of a side. The protein will definitely deal with the satiety component of the meal as well, IMHO. Med-rare steak, grill chicken breast, rare rack of lamb…something to provide something solid to bite into. +)

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