Cathy put the kettle on

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.
~ Dr Seuss

Inspired by an email from my friend Cathy. The nonsense aspect is entirely mine (she is a sensible lady).

Cathy put the kettle on
She made a pot of tea
Just as she was pouring it out
Her eyes caught sight of a bee

The bee was big and juicy
It seemed to glow and dance
Cathy’s tea fell on her fingers
But she was held in a trance

It took about five seconds
For her finger to go RED!
And then Cathy found her head hurt
She needed to go back to bed

So to the hallway she hobbled
Up the stairs she crawled
Her back soon started twisting
“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” she bawled

By now her nose was dripping
The mucus was yellow and green
It made its way to the carpet
Leaving it less than pristine

Cathy got angry with Mr Pain
She pushed him with all her might
At last he rolled down the staircase
That really was a sight

Her belly started laughing
And then so did her feet
She laughed till tears ran down her cheeks
And she had to take a seat

Oh, what a crazy morning!
What a crazy day
Where is Mr Pain now?
No one can really say.


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