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Zing zing juice

Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Past my lips, this juice shot simultaneously in two opposite directions – up towards my brain and down towards my belly. My eyes opened wide while my brain went Zing! Zing! Zing!… and that is how I came to name this Zing zing juice.

Perfect on a night you want something fresh, joyous, fibrous, refreshing, sharp, sheer, alive:

Fill your blender with orange juice, chopped celery, torn spinach, cubed beetroot, sliced ginger, sprigs of mint and coriander… pulse and blend like crazy… and drink.

Your eyes will widen as you contemplate the order of the universe and wonder what the heck just went down your throat – and then you will keep drinking and be glad.

Juice will clear most foggy minds/gloomy tummies.

Recipe for calm

Be kind to yourself.

When my nose decides that it’s actually a dribbly fountain or when my brain goes on holiday, I know what they are hinting at to me: that it’s time for a hot lemon, honey & ginger drink.

    Lemon, honey & ginger drink
    1 tsp honey
    a squeeze of lemon
    a pinch of chopped ginger
    1 mug hot water
    Stir the ingredients into the hot water till the honey melts. Sit down and drink slowly, over conversation with a good friend or while reading a good book.
    Note: this drink also aids concentration at work.
    Yields 1 serving – adjust quantities to taste and as desired.

Potage parmentier; cocktaile; croissant

It’s true you can’t live here by chance,
you have to do and be, not simply watch
or even describe. This is the city of action,
the world headquarters of the verb –
~ Lauris Edmond, quote inscribed on a plaque at Civic Square, Wellington, New Zealand

I didn’t mean to cook potage parmentier tonight. I had marched in to New World with Nish after we’d had a quick lunch in between work, picking up ingredients for an intended dinner attempt of ratatouille. Sometime between bagging the eggplants and tomatoes, I realised how much it would all cost (and let out an involuntary gasp). So much for knowing what’s in season and getting that – I have tons to learn yet!

I returned the royally-priced vegetables to their respective bins, then bagged leeks, potatoes, garlic – and later googled Julia Child’s recipe for potage parmentier.

If I was stressed at work and tired on the way home, I forgot about it when I hobbled into my flat, washed my hands and got to work. Essentially, I used Julia Child’s recipe except I measured out my ingredients by visual approximation, used hot water at the start, added in fried diced onion and chopped garlic, and added diced carrot. I even followed her instructions to mash the vegetables with a fork at the end – it felt like the right thing to do…

I have to admit it did not smell wonderful whilst it was cooking (the leeks are to blame for this), and was not very pretty at the end (though this is probably more my fault than Julia Child’s!) – Matt needed plenty of gentle persuasion to let it into his mouth; but hey, the taste, I think, made up for it. The soup itself – just onions, garlic, leeks, potatoes, water, salt, a dribble of cream, a sprig of parsley – takes a little time as most good things do, but it is wonderfully simple and satisfying. We had a generous serving of soup each, with crusty baguette slices.

A quiet evening with my 2 other flatmates out; Matt cleaned the house and we went grocery shopping after dinner, and then… I was in for a pleasant surprise at home – dessert! Matt prepared calypso coffee and croissants with banana & jam – delicious! I learned the method of pouring cream on to the back of a spoon to keep the cream in a neat little layer at the top of the glass too (see above).

We are now flopped on the couch like dehydrated frogs, I am just listening to Norah Jones and feeling very sleepy…

PS. Today, I tried bread with peanut butter & maple syrup for fun – well, I really tried this because (true story) – I was too lazy to take jam out from the fridge. Experiment paid off though, I feel; it was quite nice!

Time for a shower. Ciao!

Que syrah, syrah

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.
~ Doris Day, Que Sera Sera lyrics

Indulgence is…
walking in slippers on a rainy evening, feeling my wet toes wake and come to life. Feeling the wind tug on my umbrella, whipping around my cheeks. Sitting in a warm wine bar with Claire, sipping slowly a wide glass of spicy smooth syrah. Taking a brisk walk home beneath the silky black sky, face turned towards the now feathery sheet of drizzle, hands in pockets, body still warm. Arriving at home to smash garlic, grill chicken, zest a lemon, fry vegetables, cook pasta, crumble feta, grind black pepper, serve all atop oven-warmed plates. Watching 24 with Matt. Chatting in the lounge with John.

All in an evening.

Dreaming of life.

One way (not) to consume yoghurt

I know I’m an acquired taste – I’m anchovies. And not everybody wants those hairy little things.
~ Tori Amos

To put it nicely – it was a definite acquired taste. To say it bluntly – it was begging to be tipped down the sink.

What I am talking about is (my version of) a drink composed of yoghurt, water, mint and salt from Tessa Kiros’ “Falling Cloudberries”:
#43 Airani – Page 148

John, my flatmate, seemed to eye it with suspicion as I sat on a nearby couch getting ready to drink it. My face probably confirmed every last suspicion he might have had. It wasn’t toxic, don’t get me wrong, but… well, I’m really not in a hurry to taste it again. Even if half of Cyprus drinks this on hot summer afternoons the same way I dive eagerly into amaretto gelato here on lazy evenings.

I had a burger for dinner as I haven’t in awhile. After the airani, beef in a bun never tasted so good.