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Ugly Apple Cake

You put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. If it eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I’ll buy you a new car.
~ Harvey Diamond

It’s often been said that women can multitask well. I can tell you now (pardon the pun), multitasking for this woman here is FAR from a piece of cake… this evening, whilst baking a cake and chatting on the phone with my friend Mandy I scored a flour bath, a sore neck and an ugly cake in the process!

To be fair though, it is highly possible that I could’ve somehow accomplished all the above three things even if I weren’t on the phone. :-/

But hey, it all worked out in the end.

The cake in question was birthed from Tessa Kiros’ “Falling Cloudberries”:
#33 Apple cake with toffee topping – Page 269

It involved filling a cake tin with a bed of apple slices and pouring on top of this a smooth batter of soft butter, sugar, milk, vanilla and all – a batter akin to the filling of the most delicious cream puffs your mind can imagine now… it was a sweet, relaxing process…

I had to bake it for 20 minutes more than the book said to do, with foil on top, because when I first took it out it was brown on the top and totally uncooked inside.

*The fork marks you see are the result of my getting carried away with confirming that the cake was uncooked inside when I first took it out.

So after nearly burning my fingers off while covering the cake tin with foil and shoving the brown and uncooked cake back into the oven, and waiting 20 whole minutes…… it was UGLY when I flipped it on to a plate! Look! Argh!!! Look! (Poor Flatmate Jono was here to listen to my argh-ing)… How dare it be ugly!

I also didn’t do the toffee topping, because I was too tired to take a 30-minute walk down to the supermarket to buy the cream we didn’t have. In its place, I sprinkled some muscovado sugar on the top… and in time I collected myself and saved two more presentable slices for my colleague (who inspired my cake-baking tonight in the first place).

Jono and I also ate some sweet moist apple cake with caramel ice cream… so all is well… and now it’s time to do the reading I meant to do about three hours ago. Bonne nuit!