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Zing zing juice

Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Past my lips, this juice shot simultaneously in two opposite directions – up towards my brain and down towards my belly. My eyes opened wide while my brain went Zing! Zing! Zing!… and that is how I came to name this Zing zing juice.

Perfect on a night you want something fresh, joyous, fibrous, refreshing, sharp, sheer, alive:

Fill your blender with orange juice, chopped celery, torn spinach, cubed beetroot, sliced ginger, sprigs of mint and coriander… pulse and blend like crazy… and drink.

Your eyes will widen as you contemplate the order of the universe and wonder what the heck just went down your throat – and then you will keep drinking and be glad.

Juice will clear most foggy minds/gloomy tummies.

One way (not) to consume yoghurt

I know I’m an acquired taste – I’m anchovies. And not everybody wants those hairy little things.
~ Tori Amos

To put it nicely – it was a definite acquired taste. To say it bluntly – it was begging to be tipped down the sink.

What I am talking about is (my version of) a drink composed of yoghurt, water, mint and salt from Tessa Kiros’ “Falling Cloudberries”:
#43 Airani – Page 148

John, my flatmate, seemed to eye it with suspicion as I sat on a nearby couch getting ready to drink it. My face probably confirmed every last suspicion he might have had. It wasn’t toxic, don’t get me wrong, but… well, I’m really not in a hurry to taste it again. Even if half of Cyprus drinks this on hot summer afternoons the same way I dive eagerly into amaretto gelato here on lazy evenings.

I had a burger for dinner as I haven’t in awhile. After the airani, beef in a bun never tasted so good.