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Italian for drowned

An affogato (Italian, ‘drowned’) is a coffee-based beverage or dessert. It usually takes the form of a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream topped with a shot of hot espresso and a shot of Amaretto.
~ Wikipedia

There is nothing like conversation and an affogato for lunch.

trickle sweet cold smooth teasing
vanilla bean
sitting as a merry snowball
a deep black robust magic espresso wave

Wellington has a good place named Kaffee Eis – the waterfront one is my branch of choice!

Italy (from a distance)

You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six.
~ Yogi Berra

I had started writing a post on the 6th of January which most unfortunately got saved as a ‘Draft’ and tossed in the back of my WordPress wardrobe of posts… oops! It is this post that I publish tonight.

    Italy (where I have never been) has been flowering in my thoughts, rather like an army of wild mushrooms or neverending trails of ivy. I can’t stop them growing. Everywhere in my brain, crawling in the recesses, climbing up the walls, slithering along, whispering, cajoling, singing…
    Honestly! What do I DO with you, brain!!
    Cathy & I treated ourselves to a rather extravagant lunch today. Well, it wasn’t too costly, but it was certainly regal compared to the ol’ homemade sandwich! Between us, we had a margherita pizza (tomato sauce, basil, olive oil, fresh mozzarella) & insalata di rucola (rocket, tomatoes, parmigiano, balsamic vinaigrette), & hot drinks in whimsical little cups. Very fresh ingredients (key for a good meal), funky chairs, attention to detail and the loveliest staff with a characteristically European charm. If you are in Wellington, you must visit Caffe Italiano (they have a few branches in town).

Ah, I remember why I did not publish it now… I couldn’t think of how to finish it.

It seems okay tonight though. Maybe because it is a little similar to how I feel with some things in my life at present – they are hanging in the balance, ‘on hold’, uncertain; late, unfinished and far away from perfect.

Hmmmm. Maybe though, just maybe, it will suffice for now.