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Sandwich of your dreams

Too few people understand a really good sandwich.
~ James Beard

Jono, Char, Matt and me ate sandwiches for lunch today. These weren’t your average ham and cheese sandwiches though……

These were voluminous, dripping, wholesome, hearty, delicious, fork-and-knife-or-burger-grip-required layers of whoomph!

Here’s how you can replicate our juicy lunch affair:

    2 flat breads, halved horizontally
    Cream cheese
    Spicy chutney
    A handful of crisp lettuce leaves, washed
    6 eggs
    2 avocados, sliced
    1 red capsicum, sliced
    4 bananas, halved vertically
    350g bacon
    Grill bread halves on the barbeque. Spread a layer of cream cheese and chutney on them.
    On the barbeque, fry the eggs to runny-yolk-and-cooked-white-perfection and the bacon till it’s nice and crispy.
    Stack the lettuce leaves, capsicum slices, avocado slices, eggs, banana slices and bacon in layers on both bread ‘bottoms’, add desired salt and pepper, then put their ‘tops’ on. Do not worry if the egg yolks break, it’s so delicious when they do…
    Cut big sandwiches into halves – and you should have 4 nice hearty lunches, each sufficient even for a hungry 20-something boy. Serve with orange juice and earl grey tea (optional), in the style of continental breakfasts. Eat with fork and knife if you need to (I did). Tuck in!
    Serves 4.
    * If you don’t want to use the barbeque, fry the eggs and bananas in non-stick pans on the stove, and use the grill function in the oven for grilling bread and bacon.

Thanks Matt for cooking, Char for easter eggs, Jono for tea-making and table-setting!

After we worked our way through these (for yes, they required tedious happy chewing – not just eating!), we went for a quick shopping trip before climbing up to the top of Mt Victoria and back down again. Pretty views, the motion of walking (or moving one’s body really!) and the smell of fresh pine are always well worth the asthma-inducing efforts involved in climbing.

Went to Claire & Kristina’s birthday dinner party tonight, where we had Turkish food and enjoyed a belly dancing performance.

A full Saturday thus concluded, it is time for bed. Goodnight!

The morning is awash with chickpeas

Outside the open window
The morning air is all awash with angels.
~ Richard Purdy Wilbur

You could paint your mornings with coffee and scrambled eggs, or crazy drivers on the motorway, or a harsh bundle of newspapers… a million ways to start the day.

Today, I started mine with a trip to the kitchen to make lunch (to bring to work) – and – chickpeas. I’ve never made anything with them, and they are still relatively new members to my palate in general. I’ve also never had a teaspoon of feta cheese and lemon juice for breakfast before, but it sure is a good idea if you need one.

Lunch will be, from Tessa Kiros’ “Falling Cloudberries”:
#32 Chickpea, Feta & Coriander Salad – Page 81

This is a shortened version of the process:
Chilli, garlic, olive oil & onion – fried.
Chickpeas, crumbled feta, parsley, (skipped the coriander), lemon juice, spring onion, salt, pepper – chopped/prepared/combined.
All of the above – mixed well.

The morning air in my kitchen is awash with a very good smell indeed… mmm…

…oops gotta go. Have a great day!

Joe’s Garage

You can’t accomplish anything worthwhile if you inhibit yourself. If life teaches you nothing else, know this for sure: When you get the chance, go for it.
~ Oprah Winfrey

Seven years I’ve lived in this country and it is still full of surprises. Such as: a group of men dressed in white, clustered outside the city gallery singing jolly a song about waking up to coffee, waking up to tea… hmmm! We walked past them and it was a nice start to the afternoon…

3pm came around and it was time for a late, lazy 3.5 hour weekend lunch with Nish at Joe’s Garage.

A funky, vaguely American-feeling (to me) place which gives you the choice of sitting at a normal table or at a big common bench in the middle – (a potential spot for when you want to go poem-scribbling or newspaper-reading in a cafe by yourself?). A trim flat white, ‘killer smoothie’ (composed of plums, banana, milk & honey, yoghurt), ‘sweetie with brat’ (bratwurst and egg in a Joe’s roll) set me back by $21.30 – not so cheap, but the food was exactly what I wanted:

a smooth, strong, sweet and complex coffee (key),
a summery smoothie (better than sunscreen),
something akin to picnic food – something better than a hot dog – and complemented with hollandaise and chutney.

Today has been a very good Saturday. Spending time with friends, inspiration, quality conversations, and making memories are four of the very best things about living.

More healing than you can imagine.

Time for some wind-down time and then bed (2.19am on Sunday morning already… eeks!!)

Joe’s Garage – 5 Tory Street, Wellington – Phone: 802 5310

Cathy came for lunch

The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was a privileged guest at my friends’ fun wedding yesterday where we celebrated with them in speeches, feasting, dancing… and awoke this morning to a most glorious day which melted away any resulting sleepiness. Breakfasted with Ian in the Botanic Gardens in the midst of raging roses, and then it was time for a quick shop and some even quicker attempts to have lunch prepared for my guest Cathy.

Cathy is one of the sharpest, kindest, funniest people I know – and it was a real pleasure cooking for her… this time I decided to pick from “Falling Cloudberries”:

#9 Oven-Baked Fish with Tomato & Parsley – Page 105
#10 Allan’s Mum’s Sweet Potatoes with Sugar, Cinnamon & Orange Juice – Page 244

The fish took less than 2 minutes to prepare and put into the oven. Snap, done. Fresh parsley is pretty darn different to dried parsley too, so good.

The sweet potatoes took a little more effort, but the bubbly sweetness was pretty rewarding in due time… this particular recipe called for sugar, cinnamon, orange peel, orange juice – things like that. Mutually complementary sweetness.

Sweet potatoes are one of my Grandad’s favourite foods in the world – he adds them into everything, barbeques, Chinese rice porridge, dessert… anyway, today I thought about him as we ate them soft and spiced and sweet and comforting…

I’d asked the fish man at the supermarket which white fish to use for baking. I really love how his eyes lit up as he pointed to the monkfish right away, chattering about how the flesh held together perfectly for baking, etc… and I really LOVE how the fish smelled so FRESH and perfect when I came home, I nearly forgot it had to be cooked!

Much of the rest of today was spent with nature!