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Marrakech is bathed in terracotta magic

Quick note from Marrakech. It is hard to describe what it felt like entering this city – it is definitely VERY touristy, no doubt about that – but it retains an elegant charm of its own that seeps through the land the way honey spreads through good crumpets. Palm trees, brick red buildings – all smiling and welcoming – I do not think anyone can pass through here and be unhappy or worried. It is simply not possible.

Yes, hygiene is a concern and I am staying away from tap water and salads – but beyond that… I cannot begin to describe how something from this region of the world is penetrating my soul.

As we wandered through the Medina in Fes the other day dodging donkeys, donkey poo and flies, I was absolutely enraptured. Yes, lots of chaos and curious smells, but combined with the busy tannery, intricate mosaic walls, women’s gentle faces and narrow streets with little doors… it was magic. And yes, the people were very good looking and when a man asked first if I wanted a leather jacket then if I wanted a Moroccan husband it took me a while to collect myself and answer appropriately ;-)

I am dying to write more but I really have to explore this city more so… bye! Bonne journee :-)

PS. Food at present: loving the perfect pastries, fluffy cous cous, eggplants, sweet lamb tagine, menthe sans sucre, light crusted pizza. And of course… sweet green wedges of melon continue to stay close to my lips!