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Honey Pie

If music be the food of love, play on.
~ Shakespeare

This afternoon, I went with my flatmate Jono to Old St Paul’s for their lunchtime concert… City Jazz today! As they performed “Honey Pie” I thought… they might as well have been feeding me honey pie… their music was delicious food for the soul. Especially loved their very lively rendition of “When the Saints Go Marching In”, and one song which brought to mind a carnival of camels, Middle Eastern skies and magic carpets. Loved taking in the exquisite talent of the men performing, their enthusiasm, the wonderful sounds, harmonies and rhythm; heck I even loved the stained glass windows of the church in the background!

I think I’m a little crazy too. Last night, I was sooooo sleepy in French class that I later found I had squiggled “21/1/06” all over my notes… yet, once I got home I was energised at the thought of cooking – and not even a mini kitchen disaster could send me to bed until the dish was done.

It all went well at first – obviously, at nearly 9pm I was hungry – so dinner was in order, and it took the form of linguine with zucchini, garlic, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, dried oregano, fresh parsley, salt, pepper, parmesan – so far so good…

But then I thought I’d make milk tart – well, the tart tin that my Dad gave to me was too shallow for this. When I took my pastry (which has to be pre-baked before the filling goes in) out from the oven, I found to my dismay that the pastry alone took up pretty much all the space… so I had to dig out the pastry and transfer it to a cake tin which was still not the right size, but at least had higher sides? Now let me tell you, this did not look pretty – and it did not feel good! The pretty scalloped edges were also ruined! I then poured the custardy filling on top of the now ugly pastry – a little disheartened, to say the least, as the pastry and custard would have been so fine in the right-sized tart tin.

I did some chores and reading while my eyes burned and I waited for the milk tart to finish baking. Midnight came and went, and it was around this time that (1) I realised I must be crazy, (2) the milk tart was ready, (3) I stumbled into bed praying that I wouldn’t sleep through my two alarm clocks and be late for work.

Anyway, this is a horrendously busy week for me – and not just because I am doing crazy things like cooking when I am sleepy, so I should get to bed. Goodnight!

PS. The milk tart doesn’t taste like a complete disaster, but there is still plenty of room for improvement with this one!


Milk Tart

Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume.
~ Jean de Boufflers

Back in 2006 when I was at uni, a talented baking boy, Dan, lived next door to me. He lived on copious amounts of jelly planes and white bread, and churned out all sorts of weird & wonderful in his kitchen – things like dessert dumplings, irresistible and always rather surprising.

One day, he made something really charming for one of our habitual neighbourly potluck dinner gatherings… “it’s milk tart,” he said. I still remember it. It bore a very slight resemblance to custard… only it was a hundred thousand times better.

My eyes saw a pie dish which contained what appeared to be a silky milk pudding dusted with sugar and cinnamon. What came to my mouth was an even better surprise – a bit of crumbly pastry and… a cluster of spiced sweet whispers which brought to mind: Babies’ milk. Comfort food. Sweetness. All things bright and heavenly. I think I might have floated off the couch in that moment… I can’t remember now. I told him how much I admired it; I must’ve made his ears fall off his face by the time I finished my ode to his milk tart.

One night a few weeks later, he came up to my flat and gave me a whole milk tart; just randomly, for fun. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve EVER received in my whole life. I’ll always remember it. (And yes, I did share it… What do you think I am, greedy?!)

I thought of him tonight while I attempted Tessa Kiros’ version of milk tart…

#17 Milk Tart – Page 252

So here we are, egg whites whisked, pastry made, cinnamon sprinkled. I made a silly mistake with including unnecessary sheets of baking paper in between the layers of my milk tart – it’s a little too tedious to elaborate on that now, but let’s just say I won’t be rushing through cooking without reading the recipe properly again!

Haven’t tasted it yet, still full from dinner and hideously tired from a long and busy day at work. Goodnight!