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Monday musings

When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I want to constantly gaze at beauty.

I want to sing Kath’s apricot/nectarine-tart-making praises.

I want to exclaim at how quickly the year is FLYING BY.

I want to say that I like these cookies* very much.

Thank you Mika for sharing your beautiful food and words!

These cookies are a pleasant surprise; I’d venture to say they are the sort of surprise that would delight even people who hate surprises. They made me think of salty popcorn, of Spring, of a cheeky grin… I fed them to Jian, and to people who avoid miso soup at all costs (one person ventured to say miso soup tastes like fatty water)… the cookies received a very friendly reception (even after I told them what was in them; some reached for a second cookie after saying “oh!”).

I quite enjoyed the fact too that no one could guess what was in the cookies – guesses ranged from “butterscotch” to “caramel”… (yes that was my bit of Monday fun, don’t judge me!)

Hope you are all having a great day!

* I used smashed cashews instead of sesame seeds since I had them on hand, but otherwise followed Mika’s recipe (even the “putting the dough in the freezer” – because I wanted to save time – bit). I love the cookies with the cashew nuts – but look forward to trying them with sesame seeds next time!