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Sunday with Sally!

Food for thought is no substitute for the real thing.
~ Walt Kelly

It was fun being at Moore Wilson’s Wellington Food Heroes Day with my sweet friend Sally yesterday – carrying our delicious cups of L’affare coffee, we meandered through people, smells and what seemed like endless trails of edible morsels. Pizza… roti… radish salad… gin… sausages… pastry… cheese… bread… macarons… Whew!

It was funky watching a team from Ruth Pretty Catering whipping up a neat line of burgers…

sharing a good ol’ hot dog…

and inhaling that rich scent of warm roti.

A live band, smiling faces and all made for a fun morning. We then went supermarket shopping and enjoyed a light lunch at my place: fried haloumi (which sadly failed to ignite like last time!), some crisp greens and lovely sundried tomatoes!

Thus satisfied, we rolled up our sleeves and spent the afternoon making baklava (for The Baklava Bake Off) :-)

We laughed our way through it, the measuring cup never made its appearance, and the perfume of butter and cinnamon invaded our pores! We also had a blobby muscovado sugar baklava surface… oops! The joys of creativity, I suppose?

Our version involved dates, filo, ground almonds, walnut bits, spices, muscovado sugar and butter. The syrup was a medley of cinnamon sticks, lemon, honey, a rather scary amount of sugar and some water.

After we carefully packaged 6 portions of baklava and labelled a bottle of accompanying syrup for the competition judges, we each sampled a bit and were pretty pleased with the fruits of our labour.

We packed up the remaining bits and took them with us to the town hall in the evening to share (we went with some friends to watch the Orpheus Choir perform “Bach Mass in B Minor” – soulful and really good – even though I did have to escape at half-time to get coffee and dinner!).

(A splendid dinner ensued with Haidee and Luke afterwards at Lido… but I will stop this post here, because I feel like I’m eating dinner all over again just writing this – not what I want to feel just before bedtime!)


Berry nice indeed

To invite someone is to take charge of his happiness during the time he spends under your roof.
~ Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Lizzie arrived yesterday afternoon to visit! She is golden-haired with twinkling eyes and a pure heart to rival Snow White’s. She has a wonderful way of drawing you out of your shell into who you are, and talking to her reminds me of what it feels like to bask in sunshine. She also makes me laugh – alot! – (in a good way, Lizzie, if you are reading this!)

We took a trip to Moore Wilsons in the rain to look at what to buy for dinner. As we studied baby beetroots, lemon verbena, the many types of olives, huge moon-sized (seemingly) blocks of cheese – I was drawn into a world just beneath the world we live in. A delicious world of memories, recipes, family habits/traditions, allergies (yes really!), etc… all this came forth as we conversed, remembered, thought about what would go well with what.

Groceries duly purchased, we shared an umbrella in the now pouring rain, and made a beeline for gelato. The best thing you can have when it’s raining.

Along the way, skipping over puddles and sitting aboard a cramped busy bus, we caught up on our lives.

I had prepared the cheesecake earlier in the morning, from Tessa Kiros’ “Falling Cloudberries”:
#53 Berry Cheesecake – Page 272

(I LOVE peeking into the oven in the final minutes of baking… it is like opening presents on Christmas morning!)

Sunny came over in the evening to join us in dinner preparations. On the menu:

Gingered Carrot Soup with Avocado – recipe from Orangette (a fresh cold soup with a nice touch of creamy avocado, slips down your throat like a dream)

Salad with pan-fried basil chicken, nashi pears, feta, mixed greens topped with lemon and a warm dressing of olive oil, olives, capers, sundried tomatoes, garlic (simple, elegant and tasty)

Grilled bread

We bustled around whilst John and Matt sat on the couch, trying to watch TV amidst the growing noise and slightly delayed arrival of dinner – poor boys! (Of note were Sunny’s patience with our temperamental blender and Lizzie’s super plating skills!)