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Home is sweet indeed

I didn’t think I would want to hug the first Kiwi I saw upon disembarking from my flight, but I did. I really, really did. Except I didn’t think it would be appropriate etiquette, even in front of very friendly New Zealand airport staff.

(By no means is this a complaint about people I encountered in Spain, Morocco, Portugal, London, Paris and Singapore – I met many lovely folk there too. It’s just this thing called homesickness that hits you even when you have travelled or lived overseas before, that is rather difficult to explain.)

It’s good to be back with my flatmates too – and lookies at what Matt and I had for dinner tonight: makeshift pizza! Good bread with tomato paste, broccoli, ham slices, pineapple cubes, feta cheese, with dollops of freshly grated cheese on top – baked to crisp perfection. Yum yum!

It’s an easy, warm and meltingly delicious thing to make for yourself – all you need is nice bread, toppings of your choice, a tray and a working oven! Make it all pretty and bake at 180 degrees C till it is nicely toasted and the cheese is running helplessly across everything (takes less than half an hour). Serve immediately.

PS. I was slightly aghast to find that I am now so slow with using a simple knife after just four weeks away. Ahh!

PPS. After watching an episode of “Delicious Miss Dahl” on the plane, I found that my heart ached for my kitchen… so we did have a beautiful reunion today. :-)