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Story of today: while it rained, I cooked

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!
~ My Fair Lady, The Rain in Spain

The kitchen is a nice place to hang out when it’s pouring outside!

This morning’s experiments: orange + kahlua ganache truffles, lime + dark chocolate ganache truffles, and lime buttermilk* cake with a light lime juice/icing sugar glaze.

Cake is now sitting in tummies of flatmates, neighbour and friends (and me) – and truffles will be despatched by mail tomorrow after I check with the courier that they will survive the ride… cooking is certainly more fun when there are more people around to eat!

In other news, last night was -> the rugby (which I watched a tiny bit of) – and The Wizard of Oz. Mind still caught between Tin Man and the Yellow Brick Road today.

* = yes, I KNOW the word of the week has been buttermilk, but I’ve now finished the carton of it at last!