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The Rick Stein Show: some thoughts

I’m just someone with an enthusiasm for food and a curiosity that’s sent me sniffing around all over the place looking for lovely dishes in all corners of the globe.
~ Rick Stein, Coast to Coast

What I loved most about Rick Stein’s show: the laughter, carefree energy and simplicity that bounced off the stage & screen in waves and rippled back from the audience in equal measure. Just as captivating and satisfying as good food.

Also, have you ever wished you could dive through your TV screen and just SMELL the food being cooked! I have, countless times. This time, I didn’t have to imagine the good smells… (what a dream!)

Here’s Rick Stein himself making a brief appearance at the VIP event before the show, with Mark Sainsbury from “Close Up” (who was a marvellous co-host). It’s a wonder we got their faces in the photo at all, given the number of people swarming around them.

The VIP event itself, in all honesty, left much to be desired… I think food is best shared in a place of generosity, laughter, conversation, sincerity, etc… and unfortunately, I really did not feel much of either of these. Nothing to do with the organisers, or Rick, just the unfortunate combination of people perhaps? (I felt a vague air of stale snootiness… not my thing at all).

The wine was superb, though, as was the goodie bag – and I was seriously glad for Matt’s company!

When we finally got to go in, it was wonderful gazing at the set. What a lot of thought and effort must’ve gone into this! Wow. I also never would’ve thought of theatre and food as a winning combination really, but I stand corrected!

The show itself was peppered with funny anecdotes, quality video footage, yummy smells… and it had something important too: all the signs of an effective and great team. I don’t think you can hide poor rapport on stage, or expect to have a good show – especially a light-hearted, people-and-food-centered one – with a team which doesn’t work well together. Everyone pitched in and almost seemed to be dancing together on stage. The resultant air of fun was contagious.

The cameraman, Mark Sainsbury & Rick Stein all kept us entertained with lively banter and put on a great show.

Loved the sight of the seafood dishes and familiar Southeast Asian ingredients like galangal and belachan, and the way the show led us on an “odyssey” through different regions of the world. I was also pretty entertained by a particularly boisterous pair of ladies sitting near to us. They were utterly pissed (well I hope they can blame it on wine!) and as a result a rather humorous sight to behold…

A copy of Rick Stein’s “Coast to Coast” was included in my goodie bag, and I made his “Roast chicken with parsley and tarragon, poached Puy lentils and roasted vine tomatoes” dish last night (page 30).

Perhaps I’ll try his seafood recipes when I next get down to the market (the photo of moules marinière just about has me drooling)!

Again, thank you Lunchbox Productions for the honour of winning your competition, and this great prize!