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On rugby, and surf and turf

“Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat.
~ Malcolm S. Forbes

Yesterday, as I walked down Queen Street (surrounded by gazillions of people – I had to remind myself I was in New Zealand!), I found myself staring at the sea of faces… thinking… oh I’m going to miss this. Not the first world problems, but all the pretty people from everywhere in the world, and the atmosphere, and the funny ways that sport makes people sad/ecstatic/breathless/mad/bond with each other.

Rugby fan or not, there’s no getting away from the fact that rugby matters, a lot, in NZ. So while I didn’t get into it as much as most others, I’m nevertheless blown away by all that the All Blacks have gone through/achieved and of course, am happy for NZ’s rightful victory!

In less major news, I woke up hungry and with a sore head, so I decided to cook something a little more extravagant than usual for breakfast… my version of surf and turf! I never thought about combining meat and seafood on a plate till Fran introduced me to the joys of serving multiple mini dishes for dinner. This morning, Fran joined me for a late breakfast and it was a good morning after all.

P.S. I also went along to David Schofield’s demo at Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market yesterday… more on that soon!