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Tis the season to have salads

Celebration and inspiration on a plate.

(This is the mandarin and watercress salad with crumbed jalapenos, brazil nuts, baby beets and cherry tomatoes…)

Estadio – 17-19 Blair Street, Wellington – Phone: 04 801 7960



Actually, this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis – a good hot cup of coffee.
~ Alexander King

Wellington coffee, what am I going to do without you?

Went to the revamped Parade Cafe today with my flatmate John, where we had very delicious coffee and wedges while staring out at rain and seagulls. A good afternoon!

Parade Cafe – Freyberg Lagoon, Oriental Parade, Oriental Bay, Wellington – Phone: 04 939 8517


I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.
~ T. S. Eliot

Take a few minutes to watch this – Alice dancing under the gallows – really inspirational! And happy birthday, brave and beautiful Alice.

Yum yum Memphis Belle.

Pictured: chemex to share (with Haidee)! Perfect as it is, no milk or sugar needed. Fair trade beans from Guatemala in this instance.

With Ian and Mandy visiting this weekend, we ate a lot of delicious food – ranging from veal and sweet tripe & trotters and smooth Côtes du Rhône shiraz at Le Metropolitain to super eggs at Floriditas… mmm, tasty Wellington!

Memphis Belle – 38 Dixon Street, Wellington – Phone: 021 244 8852


About World of Wearable Art (WOW) last Tuesday: Sally and I were two tiny fish in a stadium full of human sardines! WOW was a beautiful evening treat though, despite the cramped conditions we found ourselves in. Wow, indeed. How to describe it? It was rather surreal, and glorious, and there was so much to take in.

The colours and sounds danced around my eyes and ears, teasing; they hit me like sudden smells, at once strong and transient. A pop-up castle book. Racing wings. A royal family. Grannies swimming in the dark. A violinist with an endless black ocean for a skirt. Red circus. Tumbling toys. Acrobats on poles, acrobats somersaulting across the stage. Feathers. Metal. Microwave. Roses. Leather. Bizarre bras. Pulsing energy. Rhythm. Dreams. It was spectacular!

(I can’t imagine how much work went into putting it all together!)

Food-wise, I’ve been writing blog posts in my head – then discarding them by nightfall, with sleep taking precedence over blogging. Right now, I’m very sleepy, but it’s rather fun composing a post while listening to Gregory Lemarchal singing in French.

I feel as though I haven’t been doing too much cooking. In between enjoying passionfruit creme brulee & eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise at Daph’s place over the weekend, and eating cheeky cornflakes/other yum yum things with Dave, I’m not sure what exactly I have been eating/making!

Some cake.

Some noodles (I still can’t cook Asian food well, sadly).

Some toast.

Barbequed cheesy sausages and chickpea salad and cookies and prawn bites and more, with my flat full of friends and friends-of-friends.

French fries and a gushing sandwich under showers of sunshine, whilst catching up with Herman.


So, I usually start my blog posts with a quote, but tonight I’ll end with one. All higgledy-piggledy and stuff, like my sleepy self. Goodnight!

A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.
~ Roald Dahl


Happy (for no reason)…

Today has been a lovely day. Oh-soooo-wet-and-windy, but I loved it. I could see poetry written in the raindrops, smiles painted on the lamp posts, slivers of cake etched on the ground. I don’t know what it was. From the moment I woke up, magic clung to me like a shadow…

Heck, I even got excited about Matt accidentally spilling muesli all over the stovetop… muesli rain!

I waltzed in to work, held myself back from singing… ran in the rain to meet my lovely friend Bibs for a fun (and yummy) lunch at Finc – haloumi cheese, eggplant, tomato, mushrooms, etc… :-)

Then off to the library, started off working diligently till I couldn’t keep myself away from the shelves after all and got myself four books to read. I’m now on page 52 of “Boy in Darkness” by Mervyn Peake – an enchanting writer I am very glad to have found (thanks Dave)!

Since Briscoes was having a sale, Matt and I bought things for the flat, including a mirror (yay, no more using the microwave door to check my hair in the morning!), picked up ‘Gusto’ beans at Caffe L’affare and some mille-feuille from Moore Wilson’s & came home for a quick unpack-and-eat break.

Oh, coffee and pastry – you are excellent things for a rainy day.

Down again to town in the now raging rain, jeans getting utterly wet despite our umbrellas staying proudly (and miraculously) intact, for drinks at Electric Avenue…

Then coffee with Haidee, which is one of my necessary and favourite things to do every week. :-) :-)

I’m still very happy, in a nearly scary way. I actually can’t explain it, but I guess it’s a good thing!

I’m going to end this post soon, or it’s going to become a scarily happy post… last things are:

Thank you Cindy, for including my blog in your list of 50 food and travel blogs – I am surprised and very honoured!

And… have a peek at The Village Hearth! Not just because I’m doing a tiny bit of writing there ;-) … it’s a new, creative website which puts the fun right back into domesticity (not for the boring/frumpy).

Alright, that’s enough from me, I think! Hope everyone is having a great weekend :-)

Finc – 122 Wakefield Street, Te Aro, Wellington – Phone: 04 499 2999

Electric Avenue – 132 Courtenay Place, Wellington – Phone: 04 803 3900

Caffe L’affare – 27 College Street, Wellington – Phone: 04 385 9748

The wonderful world of rain

Short post tonight, since it’s really way way past my bedtime.

1. Thunderstorms, rain and wacky hail are so fantastic (when you are watching them crash and pour from within a warm room)… I LOVED watching it this evening and was much excited about it… poor Jono had to sit through my excitement :-)

2. Caramelised leek rings, fried flour-dipped monkfish, grainy bread, salt, pepper, lemon zest and juice make for a pretty good 4pm lunch.


Sunday with Sally!

Food for thought is no substitute for the real thing.
~ Walt Kelly

It was fun being at Moore Wilson’s Wellington Food Heroes Day with my sweet friend Sally yesterday – carrying our delicious cups of L’affare coffee, we meandered through people, smells and what seemed like endless trails of edible morsels. Pizza… roti… radish salad… gin… sausages… pastry… cheese… bread… macarons… Whew!

It was funky watching a team from Ruth Pretty Catering whipping up a neat line of burgers…

sharing a good ol’ hot dog…

and inhaling that rich scent of warm roti.

A live band, smiling faces and all made for a fun morning. We then went supermarket shopping and enjoyed a light lunch at my place: fried haloumi (which sadly failed to ignite like last time!), some crisp greens and lovely sundried tomatoes!

Thus satisfied, we rolled up our sleeves and spent the afternoon making baklava (for The Baklava Bake Off) :-)

We laughed our way through it, the measuring cup never made its appearance, and the perfume of butter and cinnamon invaded our pores! We also had a blobby muscovado sugar baklava surface… oops! The joys of creativity, I suppose?

Our version involved dates, filo, ground almonds, walnut bits, spices, muscovado sugar and butter. The syrup was a medley of cinnamon sticks, lemon, honey, a rather scary amount of sugar and some water.

After we carefully packaged 6 portions of baklava and labelled a bottle of accompanying syrup for the competition judges, we each sampled a bit and were pretty pleased with the fruits of our labour.

We packed up the remaining bits and took them with us to the town hall in the evening to share (we went with some friends to watch the Orpheus Choir perform “Bach Mass in B Minor” – soulful and really good – even though I did have to escape at half-time to get coffee and dinner!).

(A splendid dinner ensued with Haidee and Luke afterwards at Lido… but I will stop this post here, because I feel like I’m eating dinner all over again just writing this – not what I want to feel just before bedtime!)