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Growing by the day

Two months ago, I visited Temuka for the first time. Temuka is home to the famous Temuka Pottery, delicious South Island cheese rolls, and my dear friend Cathy. A very happy and relaxing weekend ensued where we wandered, ate, explored, walked, nattered on about stuff light & deep …

When I saw Purple Dino (see above) on his cookie tin perch this morning I couldn’t help smiling recalling that trip … one of my favourite memories of this year :-) It was on one afternoon drive with Cathy to nearby Geraldine that Dino found his way into my carry-on luggage for the journey home.

Dino (a bath toy) is my first real gift for our baby-to-come.

It’s been approximately 14 weeks since I found out that he/she was here, in tiny form, inside me.

I’m 19 weeks into the journey of pregnancy today and it feels like longer.

Already, I feel like I’ve changed, never to be the same again.

Since May, such things have happened:

  • My appetite has grown to resemble a bear’s
  • I am more grateful than ever for good friends, near and far!
  • I now understand the impact of nausea on everyday life
  • In similar fashion to our 3-week engagement/wedding planning, I quickly drew up timelines and got down to sorting out a midwife, paperwork, etc. This time at least we have a longer notice period??!
  • I developed an unhealthy habit of asking Google too many questions at night (and realised I should have listened to my midwife’s advice, to avoid the internet trap)
  • Pants have become an enemy of sorts
  • I have developed an ability to cry at everything, including at an idyllic scene in the movie “Christopher Robin” / the thought of my husband waking up early each day to take me to work before going to work himself
  • I have always admired midwives, physiotherapists, doctors, inventors, fellow mums – but my appreciation has increased tenfold! Kindness, expertise, advice, products, etc.
  • My body no longer agrees to vacuum the floor without protesting with pain for days afterwards
  • My desire for more travel, independence and adventures felt so threatened in the early days of pregnancy but surprisingly my heart has mellowed over the weeks on its own …
  • My body presents constant surprises. I don’t take mobility or feeling well for granted
  • My husband has been growing with me, in love, patience and much more
  • I currently do not panic about not being able to take pills to address an ailment
  • I never knew it was possible to love food this muchSometimes I look at a muffin and feel like an angel has just spoken to me
  • Emotional & mental wellbeing are not emphasised enough, for most of us especially with the way life is now – and I feel this quite a bit now
  • Our bodies … nature … even pain … have so much to teach us. I am humbled
  • Strength
  • Vulnerability
  • I can’t ‘do it all’ – all illusions have faded away. And I think that is great.

A few goodies I’m appreciating:

  • Smiley Belt – wearable support designed by a genius lady and a legacy continued by her daughter
  • Bio Oil – helping with the stretching & all I hope!
  • Pink dress – comfy and great for the office
  • Parry Soap – everyday luxury! NZ-made, wonderful smell & products for sensitive skin, been helping with my eczema patches – warm service too
  • dōTERRA oils – quality essential oils, on occasion I diffuse a couple of drops in the house (fav blend: bergamot/ lavender)
  • Isabella Anselmi shoes J and I got recently for me as I’ve graduated from heels on to flats / wedges
  • books
  • green tea
  • peanut butter & banana sandwiches
  • salmon – haven’t had it often but each time it is heavenly! and so beneficial too
  • our stove & oven! For everything from our everyday meals to a recent creme brûlée
  • simple pleasures like sitting in the sunshine/ walking in the park, some of the best things in life are indeed free. Side note: had my first mini ‘flying fox’ experience in the park today, my goodness that was scary before I got on and silly afterwards!

Loving someone requires a certain amount of malleability, a willingness to be pulled along, at least occasionally, by another person’s will […] I wanted things to be easier. Which meant, I knew , that had to be easier – about everything.

~ Molly Wizenberg, A Homemade Life