I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.
~ George Washington

Hello, my name is Mel.

When this blog was born, I was living in a flat in Wellington, New Zealand with three brilliant boys, in a place we affectionately nicknamed “the Treehouse” for the way we were surrounded by bush and trees.

Many very good and very bad things happened in that year. I didn’t write about most of it on this site, but suffice to say, I became well acquainted with my kitchen on many a sleepless night and crazy day!


I spent over a year up in Auckland before embarking on a mini adventure overseas – and am now back in the windy city, writing, working and enjoying my daily windswept, tousled look which comes together so effortlessly after a few departures and arrivals, resident in Auckland with my husband (whom I wed in mid-2016), cooking and eating with my winsome ‘plus one’.

How Food caught me in a fishing net
I was born and raised in Southeast Asia. My childhood experience included wet markets, dumplings, snake soup, century egg congee, ducks’ tongues, travelling, and one short crazy ostrich ride (the last taking place on a trip to South Africa).

Some years ago, my family moved to one of the most beautiful countries in the world – New Zealand. I really only started cooking when I moved to a different city to pursue my degree. We had cooking rosters in the various flats I lived in… and as a result, hours of fun shopping on a budget, cooking together, eating some wonderful (and some less delightful) things. Some of my best memories are of flat meals (by candlelight on occasion), baking with my neighbours and getting a duck-shaped birthday cake one year from my friend Tabitha.

One of my favourite things is – can you tell? – food.

What I love about food is that it is alive. It connects us. It is as vital as air. It is an ever-present essential no matter where we are. A colourful focus, a reason to gather, a starting point for new friendships, a must at every celebration, a relaxing ice breaker, and of course, a necessity for survival.

It’s simple, complex, sensual.

I like food. I really do.

I also like words. Immensely.

This is where I document part of my journey with food, words, places, life and people. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Don’t forget now
Whether you are a first-time, closet or repeat visitor to my blog, I would LOVE to hear from you… so please don’t forget to leave me a comment before you go!

You can also contact me here.


22 responses to “About

  1. Hallo :-)

    Your website reminds me of home… thank you!

  2. Hi Mel. Your food looks so good! keep it up!

  3. Hello Melliepoo,
    Surprise! It’s Lizziepoo :-p
    just read through some of your posts, and they are amazing, they have had a very physical effect on me/my stomach. I just tried grilled halloumi last week, it was served with roasted beetroot, star anise and walnut salad, with some bread, and that made a lovely lunch, not too rich :-) cool to see you can cook it with Sambucca- I can’t wait to come back and read some more, and get some ideas. Also, I should mention, I am coming to visit you in real life too. At the end of April, hopefully you are in town? Will email you properly about that soon :-)
    xx Love Lizzie.

    • Lizzie!! It is a surprise indeed, but what a nice one! That is VERY exciting, I can’t wait to see your lovely smile again, catch up, etc. :-) :-) Will be awaiting your email then!

  4. PS. I have not forgotten your comment re: a food bloggers’ get-together… I still think it’s a great idea! Things have been super busy as of late but should calm down by next month, I think. Feel free to email me and we can organise something, if you’re still interested! :)

  5. Hello!

    I’m moving to NZ at the end of the month and have literally just started blogging about it! Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your blog, food is also a great love of mine (born in the UK to an Italian family)

    Once I get settled I’d love to talk food, life etc with like-minded people!

    In the meantime here is my brand-new baby blog: http://kiwimartini.wordpress.com/

    Sabrina x (aka Beens)

  6. Hi Mel. Its very exciting to stumble onto a fellow Kiwi foodie blogger…one who is ALSO south east asian. :))) I see I just missed you, what with you moving up to Akl. Good luck with the new job!

  7. What a wonderful intro can’t wait to read more.

  8. I’m absolutely with you on the duck tongues. Delicious.

  9. Hi Mel just saying ‘hi’, from another NZ food blogger :) I will keep my eye on your site. Bless, Christina.

  10. Are you coming to the conference…?

  11. I share your viewpoint on food, that it connects us. Your blog is lovely and so are your photos. I will look forward to reading your other posts!

  12. Great Blog, I love the name and the graphic at the top. Am a fellow Aucklander, hoping your enjoying your move so far.

  13. haydendlinder

    “Many very good and very bad things happened in that year.”
    You didn’t say why you didn’t write about it.

  14. Hi Mel! Apparently your website made me hungry. And craving for more. It’s promising to be a very good read.

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