Lemon & Oregano Chicken

Today I went in to Borders at lunch time and emerged $82.50 poorer, but with “Falling Cloudberries” by Tessa Kiros clutched triumphantly under my right arm.

So… here we go, I guess? This is the book I am going to be cooking through*:

falling cloudberries

#1 Lemon & Oregano Chicken – Page 106

One sunny walk home later, I made a spur of the moment decision to commence my cook-through project this evening.

Lemon and oregano chicken, and sauteed potatoes. OK. But oops! The potatoes did not look too healthy, and we didn’t have a whole chicken! So I decided to cook a modified version of the bird (with tenderloin strips) and penne with grilled vegetables (not in the book) instead.

High heat + grilled vegetables. Penne in a generous pot of gently salted water. A quick sauce of chopped garlic, basil + parsley. Chicken drizzled with fresh lemon, butter, salt, pepper. There is something therapeutic about cooking… I’m not sure what it is. Suffice to say it was a very satisfying process cutting, peeling, smelling.

The chicken turned out just a little crispy on the outside, and teasing on the tongue in lemony, salty, cheeky winks. Verdict? Delicious without being too complex. Will attempt again, maybe with a whole chicken next time. :-)

* Cook-through? What?


One response to “Lemon & Oregano Chicken

  1. Looks delicious, especially the vegies. Now I am hungry!

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