Today, I stood in Mediterranean waters in Costa del Sol, sat on the beach with new acquaintances and my brother, walked through the endlessly beautiful Alhambra, smiled back at Spanish boys and sipped espresso in Mijas with a cool girl from Los Angeles. You know, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Food. You get a mix of heaven and hell when you are on tour. My favourites so far are Spanish olives, squid in ink, fresh melon… Oh and needless to say, I ADORE the tapas. Fabulous!!!

Ok, I’m terrrible at typing on this borrowed itouch thing… So I’ll end here for now. Hasta luego!


3 responses to “Hola…

  1. Spain! Excellent. So much food. Jealous! Have fun:)

  2. I will join the jealous train! Sounds like you are having an amazing time! Can’t wait to see the pics. Eat loads for us!!! :)

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